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Summary: Mary, an orphan high school student, lives with her home-bound grandmother. Granny runs a bakery from her busy kitchen. Mary delivers food to the neighbors, and longs to be one of the Highlights, a snobbish girls' club at school. One Saturday, Mary has a visitor. Penny, president of the Highlights, shows up to "shadow" Mary. Prospective members have to be approved by Penny in order to be accepted into the club. Mrs. Hayes and her young son, Andy, visit Granny's kitchen regularly. Andy hasn't spoken a word in years since his father died. The boy has wild tantrums, and he's in the middle of one when Penny arrives. It's puppy love at first sight when Andy sees Penny. She doesn't hide her fearful dislike for Andy or her superiority complex. Things do not look hopeful for Mary's joining the Highlights, and complications come when there is conflict between Mary’s values and those of the Highlights.
Style: Dramatic.     Duration: 30min?
Actors: 5F, 3M, +V


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