Language of Zion

 By Pete Smithies & Andy Lund


Andy considers a change of speaking style is important now that he's a Christian.







Andy: How art thou today, then, Pete?

Pete: Eh?

Andy: I sayeth, how art thou today, o Pete?

Pete: Come again?.

Andy: Yea, verily, as it was in the beginning. How art thou today, o Pete?

Pete: Do you know, Andy, I think I must be having trouble with my ears, I thought you said...

Andy: He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Pete: Look, old buddy, not a lot of what I'm hearing is making much sense.

Andy: Ah that's because I am learning to talk church speak.

Pete: Oh .... what's that.

Andy: Well, if you're going to be a Christian, then you've got to talk the right lingo - stands to reason.

Pete: Now that I can understand.

Andy: Sorry. What I meaneth was, if thou must needs be a disciple then it behoves you to use the language of Zion.

Pete: So what your saying is, you need to use a different kind of talk when you're talking with the Lord?

Andy: Yea verily. The denarius hath dropped.

Pete: What? Oh yes. So you are using this kind of language because...

Andy: Because that's how Christians ought to speak.

Pete: How do you know?

Andy: A good point; I'm glad you brought that up.

Pete: So, what's the answer?

Andy: The answer to what?

Pete: How do you know that Christians have to speak in this ridiculous way.

Andy: Well ... well... because....

Pete: Yes?

Andy: Because..... because..

Pete: Mmm

Andy: Because Jesus did.

Pete: What, Jesus went about saying thee and thou and thine did he?

Andy: Yes, no doubt about it.

Pete: How do you know?

Andy. Well ... well... because it says in the Bible, doesn't it.

Pete: Not in mine.

Andy: Yea verily, in thy Holy Bible thereth a lot of thee's and verily's and so on...

Pete: Not in mine.

Andy : And thou's and wherefore's and... what do you mean not in yours?

Pete: I mean in my Bible there's no language like that. It's just plain speaking.

Andy: Ah, well. It can't be right then. Obviously not the real MCCOY.

Pete: Why?

Andy: It's been tampered with - You'll have to get yourself an original like mine...

Pete: Who wrote yours then?

Andy: King James.

Pete: Ah, that well known 1st Century English speaking Jewish sovereign?

Andy: The very same .

Pete: And it's an original?

Andy: Yea verily.

Pete: And you understand it?

Andy: I lacketh not the understanding O Pete.

Pete: So your early disciples...

Andy: Spaketh thus.

Pete: And that's the only way to understand what the Bible says?

Andy: Spotteth on.

Pete: You must be very wise then?

Andy: Wisdom expoundeth within mine head

Pete: Well, Andy, I'm happy for Minehead - (mumbles -coz you're out of your tree, mate) .... One last thing…

Andy: Asketh what thy will.

Pete: Why did Jesus have to spend so much time - saying the same things to his disciples over and over again?

Andy: Beateth me

Pete: Yes I'd like to.

Voice: Reads 1 Cor 2 v 12




© Pete Smithies & Andy Lund 1999
All rights reserved
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