Super Human Strength

By Andy Lund


A boxing ring parable on the difference the Holy Spirit makes in a believer's life.



Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, I want you to put your hands together to welcome the man who's a knockout, cos he's the man with the knock out punch, the man who's on top of the competition because he's the man who's laid out the competition, the all-time great because he's the great all-timer, the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world - put your hands together and give it up for Les 'hit 'm for six' Roper.

(Thunderous applause)

(Les enters and struts around, flexing muscles, doing knee squats etc)

Announcer: As you know Les is the kind of fighter that looks the opposition straight in the eye

(Enter Tony...Les stares him out)

and exerts his intimidating will over them. (Tony begins to quiver and finally runs off)

Some last longer

(Re-enter Tony)

But Les always accosts 'em with his powerful pugilism to the point of submission.

(Les looks puzzled at announcer)

Les: What?

Announcer: He knocks 'em out.

Les: Oh. (Knocks Tony out with a single punch)

Announcer: Of course, it wasn't always like this, was it Les?

Les: No, Harry.

Announcer: There was a time when it was different, wasn't there, Les?

Announcer: Yes, Harry.

Announcer: There was a time when they said you could move like a bee and sting like a butterfly, wasn't there Les?

(Les moves around haphazardly and then lightly touches Tony. Tony looks in disdain.)

Announcer: There was a time that you used to give people sand so that they could kick it in your face.

(Les and Tony mime)

Announcer: And what did they call you, Les?

Les: (Shamefully and quietly) "On the ropes Roper".

Announcer: Sorry Les, we didn't all hear that. Please speak up.

Les: "On the ropes Roper".

Announcer: That's right. On the ropes Roper. And why was that, Les.

Les: 'Cos that's where I spent most of my time, Harry.

Announcer: So what happened to turn you into that champion of the world that we now all see before us? Was it a special diet?

(Tony staggers in with food. Les mimes eating loads and then shakes his head.)

Announcer: Was it a new pair of gloves?

(Tony brings on new ordinary gloves. Les shakes head vigorously. Tony brings on boxing gloves - Les still shakes head)

Announcer: Was it a sports' psychologist.

(Tony comes in with notebook and Les lie on couch. Eventually shakes head)

Announcer: Well I'm baffled then, Les. What was it that produced this amazing turn round of events. What produced that all-conquering hero of the ring that we see before us today.

Les: Well, Harry...

Announcer: What gave rise to the dramatic volte-face...

Les: Well, Harry...

Announcer: What occasioned the dramatic turn- round in your career?

Les: Well, Harry...

Announcer: What produced...

Les (Loudly) Harry!

Announcer: Yes, Les?

Les: Shut up! I'm trying to tell you. One day I was filled with the life and spirit of Cassius Clay, Henry Cooper and Prince Naseem.

Announcer: Oh, right. And did that make a difference?

Les: Are you kidding? You bet. You see, before, I could only take on opponents in my own strength, but now I don't have to fight like that any more. Since I've had their life and spirit in me I've got superhuman strength.

(Tony raises Les' hand in the air. They freeze.)


© Andy Lund
All rights reserved. This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: