Solomon's Solution

By Terri Savage


This humorous drama uses adults pretending to be children as they look to the wisdom and direction of a slightly misguided, self-appointed leader. While a truly good leader will help resolve conflicts with Bible-based solutions, can one really good solution truly fit all situations?


1 Kings 16-28


Court Officer
Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Boy 1
Boy 2


(All characters should be adults playing the parts of children.)

Court Officer: The Order of the Counsel of the Wise shall now come to order. Please acknowledge our self-appointed wise counsel-woman, Sandra, who will now hear your disputes.

Sandra: This meeting of the "Bean Town Neighborhood" shall come to order. I shall now hear your disputes.

Court Officer: Case 1 involves 2 former playmates who are no longer talking because of a ball.

Girl 1: I had this beautiful ball - it was my favorite ball, and I used to play with it all the time. My former friend liked my ball so much she bought one just like it. But she lost hers and stole mine and now claims that it's hers.

Girl 2: That's not true! I got my ball before you got yours; I just never played with it around you. Then when you saw that I had one just like yours you threw yours away and claimed that I took yours. That way you'd get my ball and be the only one with a ball like this.

Girl 1: She stole my ball!

Girl 2: She's trying to steal mine!

Sandra: Order - order! I'll decide what to do in the case of the "Beautiful Bouncy Ball". (Opens her Bible, flips some pages, and then speaks.) Take the ball and cut it in two. Give one half to one and one half to the other!

(Both girls are stunned then begin to argue; then Sandra stops them)

Sandra: Enough! I've made my decision - next case!

Court Officer: The next case involves the supposed theft of "The nighty-night dolly".

Girl 3: I used to get really scared at night so my mommy bought me a "Nighty-night dolly" so when I got scared I had a friend to keep me safe. Then SHE (pointing at other girl) came and spent the night and my dolly disappeared!

Girl 4: I didn't steal your dumb old dolly - dollies are for babies! I sleep with my "Cuddles More Teddy Bear". (Sticks her tongue out at her)

Girl 3: She stole my dolly!

Girl 4: Did not!

Girl 3: Did, too!

Girl 4: Did, not!

Sandra: Silence! I'll decide the case of the missing "Nighty-night dolly". (Opens her Bible, flips through the pages, and then speaks.) Take the dolly and cut it in two. Give one half to one and one half to the other!

Girl 3: But my dolly is missing!

Sandra: Enough! I've made my decision! Next case, please!

Court Officer: The last case concerns a smashed up Hot Wheels car.

Boy 1: Yeah, my dad bought me a black limited edition T-Top Trans Am with a gold bird, flared rims and dual pin striping. I took it out of the case and was showing it to a friend of mine when all of a sudden (points) HE came flying up the street in a beat up old 4 wheeler and knocked my car right out of my hands! It flew into the street where it got run over by a Hummer!

Boy 2: Well the reason my 4 wheeler is beat up is because last week I was riding it and HE (points) caused me to wreck! And my 4 wheeler cost more than your dumb old kiddy car that you can't even ride!

Boy 1: Them's fightin' words!

Boy 2: Any time!

Sandra: That's enough! I'll decide the case of the "Demolition Derby". (Opens her Bible, flips through the pages, and then speaks.) Take the Hot Wheels car and the 4 Wheeler and cut them in two. Give one half to one and one half to the other.

Boy 1: You can't cut my Trans Am in two!

Boy 2: And you can't cut my 4 wheeler in two!

Boy 1: Where did you get your intelligence from - a comic book?!

Boy 2: Yeah, Conflict Resolution for Dummies!

Sandra: As a matter of fact I DID get my wisdom from a book - the Bible! And I didn't just look to any old man; I followed the example of the wisest man who ever lived - Solomon. And if it worked for him, it'll work for me! Now be gone with all of you! This meeting of the "Bean Town Neighborhood" is adjourned!



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