Phone Home

By Alden Frye


An allegory on our relationship with Christ. A man phoning his father, explains how he's too busy to spend time with him.


(Dials cell phone, waits for answer)

Hi, Dad! It's me, your "prodigal" son!

I thought I'd give you a quick call to let you know I'm thinking about you... thinking about you a lot lately!

Pretty good, really. A couple problems here and there, but...

Just routine stuff, yunno. Bills, bills, and more bills, Jennifer's sick again, stuff like that... nothing I can't handle.

I appreciate that, and I'm sure glad you've always been there for me, but... Well, actually, I may kinda need a little help. I may need some help finding a new doctor for Jen. This guy's been pretty much an idiot, but he always remembers to send me a bill! Oh, and one other thing...remember I was talking to you about my I.R.A.? Yeah, well, some of the funds aren't doing so well, and I'm getting kinda worried! Need to make sure I'm providing for the family, yunno!

Next Sunday? I dunno. I'll have to check and see -- actually, next Sunday we're gonna be busy, too. Sundays are my only day off, yunno, and I promised Jen we'd take the boys to the lake. You could come with us, but I don't think you'd really enjoy it all that much. Boy, it sure is pretty there! Actually it kinda reminds me of your place a little bit!

I know you'd really like to see us...

I know, Dad! And we've been talking about getting spending more time with you, but I've got a lot on my plate right now, what with working six-days-a-week, and Jennifer being sick, and the kids and... I gotta set some priorities, yunno, if I'm gonna be successful! I mean, you do want me to be successful, don't you Dad?

I know you love us! And we love you, too, you know that. That's why I call you everyday! Don't I call you most every day? More than that, sometimes! Sometimes we get out those letters you've written us and read them over again. They're a big help!

Dad, I'm gonna have to run, OK? Look, I promise I'll start, I mean... maybe next month will be a little easier. But I promise we're gonna start spending more time together...

I know it is. And it's very important to me, too. It's just that... Listen, I need to get caught up on some reports today, and maybe get some rest (yeah, like that's gonna happen!). So why don't I call you back tonight if I get a chance and we can have a long talk then, OK?

I'll sure be thinking about you! If it was all up to me...

But it's not all up to me, yunno? Dad, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to run. Hey, can you do me a favor and maybe check into that stock market thing for me? Yeah, and I'm gonna need a little extra cash, too, and please remember about finding a better doctor for Jen. I know it's a lot too ask, and I know you're real busy.

I remember, Dad! You're never too busy for me, and I sure appreciate that. More than ever lately! Sometimes, I think that knowing that's the only thing that keeps me going! I don't know where we'd be if it weren't for you.

I'm running late, Dad, so... I love you... and I'll talk to you again real soon, OK? I promise.



Copyright Alden Frye, all rights reserved.
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