The Levite

By Meg Cullip


A timid Israelite approaches God with a request to become a Levite.


Timid Israelite
God (Voice only)


(Timid Israelite enters SR. He has his hand over his eyes protecting himself from the "glory of the LORD". There is absolutely nothing on stage except a wooden chair center stage on the apron.)

ISRAELITE: (cautiously feeling her way around) He... hello.

GOD: (Booming) Are you forgetting something.

ISRAELITE : (The Israelite looks down and notices her shoes) Oh! Sorry (she scrambles to take them off with one hand)

GOD: You can remove your hand.

ISRAELITE: Are you sure?

GOD: I AM..(Chuckles) I love that one.

ISRAELITE: (removes hand slowly fearfully and looks around) wow…you're a lot bigger in person.

GOD: You haven't seen the half of me.

ISRAELITE: right…I'm still breathing. But seriously do you really sit in that tent all day?

GOD: Yes.

ISRAELITE: (sits down) How?

GOD: Were you there when I laid the earth's foundation?

ISRAELITE: (smirks and shakes head)

GOD: So you want to be a Levite eh?

ISRAELITE: I know it sounds ridiculous but I've watched Aaron and them for years. I saw the whole Nadab thing from a mile off. Miriam was always getting on his case for playing with fire.

GOD: It was unfortunate.

ISRAELITE: Of course. Something about being a Levite has always attracted me you know?

GOD: You've always have tried your best to be obedient.

ISRAELITE: Thank you that means life and death coming from you.

GOD: (chuckles) literally.

ISRAELITE: (laughs) I know that priests are born into it, but isn't there some way?

GOD: What are you grievances with your current position?

ISRALITE: Well, I mean, walking the goat out into the desert is great and all but…

GOD: (cuts off) You want more?

(ISRAELITE stares at feet for what seems like forever)

ISRAELITE: It's not that I am unhappy, or that I don't find joy…

(More silence) ISRAELITE: Help me out here.


ISRAELITE: Is it one of those times? (nods to self) I want more of…you.

(Another silence then a loud "boom" of some sort or voice that resonates possibly a loud "I AM" this shocks the ISRALITE who falls out of chair hands and knees face down on the wood of the stage. She stays in that position shivering for a while. Then a subtle and quiet whisper sound comes on. Like a light wind. The ISRAELITE slowly fearfully rises onto knees. She looks around as the sound continues to play lightly then tears well up in her eyes. She nods and smirks. Lights down)


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