In whose Hands?

By Pete Smithies and Andy Lund


How do we get guidance for those hard-to-make decisions? It's not easy!


Person needing advice
2 voices


Voice 1: The great thing

Voice 2 : About being young

Voice 1: Is that your future lies

Voice 2: In front of you

(Actor looks in puzzlement behind him/herself)

Voice 2: No - In front of you

(Actor has look of enlightenment)

Voice 1: That's the great thing about the future, it more or less always does lie in front.

Voice 2: But so do

Voice 1: (Makes melodramatic "da da da" sound)

Voice 2: Decisions

Voice 1: Decisions

Voice 2: Like which breakfast cereal to have

(Actor mimes indecision about pouring out cereal)

Voice 1: Which T.V. programme to watch

(Actor frantically switches between channels on remote control only to get fed up and switch off.)

Voice 2: Or more seriously

Voice 1: Which road to choose

(Actor mimes driving, comes to crossroads and mimes choosing one route and then the other, mimes unfolding map, puzzles and returns to indecision about which route to take.)

Voice 2: Of course, if you take the wrong road on a journey

(Actor starts along one route)

Voice 1: It's not likely to be disastrous

Voice 2: Unless it's a one way road

Voice 1: Going against you.

(Actor mimes crashing)

Voice 2: But some decisions are more important than others.

Actor: (Picks himself up) I'll say.

Voice 1: Oh you can talk, can you. I suppose you'll be giving us the sack then.

Voice 2:You won't be needing us then.

Actor: No it's OK. (Dusting himself off) You can stick around. But I can think for myself.

Voice 1: Oh

Voice 2: So what decisions have you got that are so important?

Actor: Nothing much. Just should I continue my education, get a job, move town, have a steady girl (boy) friend, get married, take out a mortgage.... (add any others wanted)

Voice 1: A few then?

Actor: You could say that. The possibility of taking the wrong direction is fairly strong.

Voice 2: You could always take advice.

Actor: What kind of person can help with all those different areas? They'd have to be superman.

Voice 1: Ah-ha

Actor: (Light dawns) Oh, you mean...(Points heavenwards)

Voice 2: You've got it.

Actor: Yes, well I know in theory he's interested in me and the decisions I make. But it's quite tricky to work out how to take his advice, isn't it?

Voice 1: Have you tried?

Actor: Of course I a, I haven't.

Voice 2: Good thing, prayer.

(Actor mimes prayer)

Voice 1: And reading your Bible regularly - not just trying to take bits out that appeal to you

(Actor mimes reading, at first leaping at a certain page, then more thoughtfully considering another)

Voice 2: And listening to God's voice in other people - not just those who think they should say something to you.

(Actor cocks an ear in one direction and then in the other)

Voice 1: And don't ignore yourself, either..

(Actor points at himself questioningly)

Voice 2: Yes you.

(Actor looks abashed)

Voice 1: You don't have to assume God will ignore your desires automatically

Voice2: He wants to use you, not punish you.

Voice 1: And ask yourself how you feel.

Actor: (Has conversation with himself) "How do I feel?" "Very well, thank you."

Voice 1: Not now, you fool!

Voice 2: What we are trying to say is: has God given you peace about a certain direction you should go?

Actor: Oh.

Voice 1: Because that can help you, too.

Voice 2: And of course, there are circumstances

Actor: How do you mean?

Voice 2: Well, that advertisement for a brain surgeon you saw in the paper...

Actor: Oh yes, I remember. (Looks bright)

Voice 1: Well, it might not be sensible to apply for the position on the strength of your

Voice 2: First aid course (Looks disappointed)

Voice 1: Which you failed. (Nods in agreement)

Actor: (Puzzled) But all this is no better really. I still don't know which route to take. Is it the Bible passages I'm reading, what I feel God is saying in my prayers, what people are saying, whether I feel at peace...or is it the circumstances?

(Actor stands as in tableau between two voices)

Voice 1: One great thing about God is

Voice 2: That He is consistent

Voice 1: And so is His advice.

Voice 2: Another great thing about Him

Voice 1: Is that He loves you and has plans for your life

Voice 2: And all you have to do

Voice 1: Is trust Him. (Actor mimes putting hand in the Father's hand)


© Pete Smithies & Andy Lund 1999
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged.
In exchange for free performance, the authors would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed.
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