The Boy Who Would Not Stock

By Glenn A. Hascall


A stock boy refuses to go by his employee manual. He operates on the assumption that he knows the best way to do his job. Even after a confrontation with his boss he only agrees to think about what he is really supposed to do. A parallel to the way we sometimes view God's Word.


GRANT: Grocery Store Owner
PAUL: Free Spirited Stock Boy


(SETTING: An office, Paul has been called in to visit with Grant about the way in which he does his job. Paul refuses to look at the seriousness of the issue.)
GRANT: I'm not sure what's going on Paul but you haven't been doing your job.
PAUL: That's ridiculous - of course I've been doing my job.
GRANT: You were hired as a stock boy, yet the store shelves are empty.
PAUL: (Pause) So what's your point?
GRANT: You are a stock boy, ere go, you stock shelves.
PAUL: No I don't, I clean up the stock room. That place was a mess - you should have seen the boxes.
GRANT (Upset) What?
PAUL: They keep piling up in there so I make sure they make their way to the dumpster.
GRANT: (Trying to keep his composure) Look, (Pulls out an employee manual) It says right here that the stock boy position makes sure that all items for sale in this store are restocked and that inadequate supplies are reported to the manager.
PAUL: (Easy Going) That would be you.
GRANT: Yes, Paul, that would be me. Yet you are telling me that you threw away all of the boxes.
PAUL: Yeah! It's a lot cleaner back there now. So when do I get my raise?
PAUL: That restricts my personal expression on how to deal with boxes. Some of the stuff in those boxes have MSG's and other preservatives. Could be bad for some people. (Smiles) Throw 'em away, I say.
GRANT: I like you, Paul, I really do.
PAUL: Cool. I kinda like you too, but if you ask me you're wound just a little too tight.
GRANT: Unless you are willing to follow the manual, I'm afraid you're going to keep doing things I don't want you to do.
PAUL: But sir, I'm a self starter. I see what needs to be done and I do it.
GRANT: But you're doing the wrong thing.
PAUL: I think you need to broaden your mind, sir. Your way seems pretty confining if you ask me.
GRANT: Paul, the manual was written so that there would be order in our little grocery store. It was written with safety in mind. It was written so we could provide the best possible product at the best price. There is a reason why "stock boys" stock shelves.
PAUL: (Thoughtful) Wow, you've really given me a lot to think about, I'll get back to you on this. (Starts walking out) see ya tomorrow!
GRANT: But... (Tosses the manual on a table and shakes his head and sighs).
Fade to Black

Copyright 2002 by Glenn A. Hascall
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