Bloom Where You Are Planted

By Valerie Keefe
(Inspired by Amy Arthur and Lisa Bauer)


Mrs Bloomingardner is so busy with all her activities her garden suffers terribly.


Mrs. Bloomingardner (heavy-set lady dressed in bonnet, flowery dress, and work boots)
Pack of Seeds (someone dressed as a pack of seeds)
Dead Flower (someone dressed as a dead flower)
Half-Dead Flower (someone dressed as a half-dead flower)
Little Susie (young girl who becomes a beautiful flower)


(Setting: Mrs. Bloomingardnerís back porch and garden)
[telephone rings...Mrs. B.  picks up the cordless phone and answers]
Mrs. B.:  Hello, yes this is Mrs. Bloomingardner.  You need me to do what? (pause) Oh, I see.  You want me to serve on that new committee at the church.  What exactly will that committee be doing?  (pause) The committee is being formed to help select a committee for the larger deaconís wivesí committee.  Hold on a sec...let me check my calendar...[she rolls out a long roll of calendar pages with something on every page].  Hmmmm....maybe I can cancel my bowling league meeting on the 21st and meet with you.  Gotta know time is money...

[Mrs. B. is in her garden trying to shovel at the seed person]
Mrs. B.:  I just canít figure this out.  I keep sowing seeds into this ground and nothing will grow.  The seeds just stay on top of the ground.  Maybe itís the kind of fertilizer Iím using. The bag says ďRound upĒ [note: a brand of weedkiller]. I thought theyíd be purdy and round and grow up [holds up bag that says "weed killer" then throws dirt into the seedís face] I canít keep wasting time.  I have a million and one things to do.  Letís see...if I hurry up and get over to the mall I can get my nails done and still have time to make my hair appointment.  Now why hasnít that daughter of mine called me lately... [checks her mail] What about that...a letter from my daughter. [opens letter and reads it out loud] ďDear Mom, Since I canít ever catch you at home I decided to drop you a note.  Would you please come to little Susieís church play on Friday?  Sheís been asking me if you were going to be there? Love, MaryĒ Strange, I canít imagine that it would be difficult to reach me.  Friday night...that is my aerobics class...I just have to keep my figure.  Iíll make the next play.  Iím sure Susie will understand.[Exits]

[Mrs. B.  reenters looking at her nails and fluffing her hair.  She puts on garden gloves]
Mrs. B.:  This garden isnít worth all the time I put into it. I work in it at least five minutes every week. The package here says that these flowers need just a little water.  How many days has it been since I watered them? Oh well, Iíll give 'em a lot today and theyíll be alright. [pours water on flowerís head] What dear? [motions as if husband is in the house]  Honey, I just donít have time to do anything with you today.  You know that I have three church committees to go to today.  They need me there.  We can do devotions later...besides I am serving God by doing everything they ask me to do at the church. [She stumbles over the Dead Flower].
Mrs. B.:  Now whatís this...this flower is dead too...what is wrong with it. [Mrs. B.  pulls out sign that reads NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.] How could I have missed that?  This should work [puts paper bag over the dead flowerís head].  Maybe now sheíll grow.

[Little Susie enters looking upset]
Mrs. B.:  Well, if it isnít my darling little Susie.
Susie:  Granny, why arenít you coming to my play?
Mrs. B.: Hon, Iíd love to come but I am just so involved. I must be about the Lordís business you know.  So many people depend on me.
Susie: [very sad, head hung low] Well, hereís a flyer about it...bye...
Mrs.  B.: Susie,  wait, come back here my darling...What is this?  Bloom Where You Are Planted.  Thatís funny...I could sure use some help with this garden.  But why would the church kids do a play with such a funny title? Bloom Where You Are Planted.  Oh dear, maybe that's me...I have stretched myself out so thin that I donít spend time with the Lord, my husband, my daughter or my grandkids anymore.  What have I done?  Oh Lord, I am so sorry...please forgive me.[She kneels to pray.  Susie, now dressed as a beautiful flower, walks in and replaces the dead flowers]
What is garden is is so beautiful...Lord...I get the message. I'll blook right here where you planted me. I'll put you first and my family next in my life. Thank you for helping me to find the true beauty in life.
Copyright Valerie Keefe, all rights reserved
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