By Scott Phillips


Two friends, one just married, discuss what it takes to keep a marriage healthy. Also a symbolic illustration of the importance of spiritual growth and developing one's relationship with God.




(Derrick and Tim are sitting at a table in a sports bar. They've finished dinner and are watching a football game on TV. They CHEER LOUDLY at the action they see on TV.)

DERRICK: So, where's Megan tonight?

TIM: Out with her sister. Spending all our wedding money on a kitchen set for the new house.

DERRICK: (laughing) Sounds nice. Hope you like crystal.

TIM: Funny. What about Ariana? How did you get her to let you out?

DERRICK: What chu mean, "let me?"

TIM: Well, I don't know. You've been married what, 5, 6 years now?

DERRICK: (looking in air to remember) 6 years, 8 months. Almost the 7 year itch.

TIM: Well, after all that time, I'm surprised you're allowed a night out with the boys.

DERRICK: Hey, we have a very understanding relationship.

TIM: (patronizing) Uh huh.

DERRICK: She understands that a man needs his time away, to do man-type things.

TIM: (taking a drink) Ah, head of the house. King of the castle. No woman's gonna tell you what to do.

DERRICK: (taking a drink) Of course, for my part, I understand that if I'm not home by 10, I'll be in the dungeon of the castle!

(Both laugh, take a drink.)

DERRICK: But Ariana's great. I don't know what I'd do without her.

(Derrick cheers at TV.)

DERRICK: Go, go! Aw, man. He was wide open!

TIM: Derrick, let me ask you something.

DERRICK: Hey, man, don't get all emotional on me. This is guy's night out.

(Derrick yells at TV again.)

DERRICK: Yeah, that's it! Come on, one more!

(Tim stares at the TV, waiting. Derrick looks over at him.)

DERRICK: All right, what's wrong?

TIM: Well, nothing's wrong. I mean, it's been great. The wedding, the honeymoon, moving in to the new house.

DERRICK: So, what's the problem. It's not, uh, you know?

TIM: (bucks up) Oh, pshh. No. No way. Everything's fine there. I mean, not fine, great!

DERRICK: All right, playa, spare me!

TIM: Well, it's just, now that we're back in the real world, with both of us working and busy with church stuff, and Megan taking her Master's classes at night, it's been tough to find time together. I wanna build a good relationship from the start, and I'm afraid of getting too busy.

DERRICK: Well, you know what the secret's been for me and Ariana?

TIM: (smirking) She's incredibly patient with you?

DERRICK: No. Time.

TIM: Yeah, and?

DERRICK: Well, there is a lot more to it, but it starts with time. You gotta set aside time to spend together.

TIM: You two go on dates? Aren't you too old for that?

DERRICK: First of all, I'm not old! And yeah, of course we still date. Keeps the romance alive. Every Saturday night, we do something special. We eat dinner together at least 3 times a week, and I try to throw in little surprises here and there.

TIM: Surprises? Like buying a gift?

DERRICK: You don't have to buy things all the time. Just show her you care. Like a couple weeks ago, I showed up at her work and took her for a lunch picnic in the park. She loved the surprise. Women love surprises.

TIM: Not Megan. She's gotta have everything planned. She always says she has to know what kind of shoes to wear!

DERRICK: Well, whatever. The important thing is to spend time together. People think they know each other when they get married. But that's when the real fun begins. You find out you never stop growing. You never stop falling more and more in love. (Both look at TV.) Yeah! Touchdown! Whoo-hoo! (etc.)

TIM: That's good stuff. But don't you two ever fight, or go through times when the communication breaks down?

DERRICK: Oh, sure. That happens to every couple.

TIM: I'm afraid of our first fight. I hate being apart.

DERRICK: Well, look, you're gonna go through hard times together. You can't avoid that. There are mountains, and there are valleys. But you gotta hang in there. When trials and adversity come, you have to hold on to what you've built and tough it out.

TIM: Was that what happened after you lost your job?

DERRICK: Yeah. It's easy, when the storm hits, to let it get you down. But, Ariana and I, we stuck together, and pushed through, and now we're stronger than ever.

TIM: Man, I hope Megan and I can build something that strong.

DERRICK: Of course you can. I've seen the way you two are. You'll be fine. It's all about trust. Trust is huge.

TIM: Oh, we definitely trust each other.

DERRICK: Ah, yes, but my young Jedi, that trust will be tested.

TIM: (mocking) Ok, Yoda!

DERRICK: Hey, do not underestimate the power of the force… or trust.

TIM: Well, I'm sure when those tests come, we'll pass just fine. (To TV:) Oh yeah! Run it back. Go, go, yes!

(They give each other high fives, etc.)

DERRICK: See, so many people get married and think that's it. But really, it's just the beginning.

TIM: (messing around) Hmm. It's not just a job, it's an adventure!

DERRICK: That's right! And don't you forget it!

TIM: Thanks man, I really appreciate it. You're a good friend.

DERRICK: All right, take it easy, enough emo stuff. Let's watch some football.

(To TV: )

DERRICK: Yeah, baby, let's go. Come on, let's do it!

(Derrick still stares at TV, and quietly:)

DERRICK: Tim, you're welcome.

(Derrick pats him on the shoulder, they do some kind of male bonding handshake and fist bump, then go back to watching TV.)

TIM: All, right, we're up 10 points, let's keep this up.

DERRICK: Come on, we got this. etc.


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