Mistaken Identity

 By Fred Lane


After a drama rehearsal, 2 young ladies talk about a young man that one suspects is a drug user. They both find out that they had heard wrongly about him: he helped in a drug ministry.





(Setting: 3 players: 2 females, Bobbi and Lisa, and a male, Todd.

Props: 2 stools, 6' folding table, various papers, Todd's coat and a drink cup

Action begins with Todd reading his lines while Bobbi and Lisa listen. He is standing facing the audience, they are seated at 45 degree angle facing him and audience.)


Todd: (Reading from a script) 'Now, come on, Amy.You know that what she did was wrong, and she needs to be convicted, or something.If we just let people do what ever they want to, and don't try to stop them, the whole country is going to be in a mess. (Looks up at Bobbi and Lisa) How did that sound? Do you think I need to leave out the words 'or something?

Bobbi: No, I think it helps to say it.It makes you sound more real.

Lisa: Me, too.Maybe you should shake your head when you say, 'a mess.

Todd: Okay, I'll try it. I'll read just the last sentence....(looks back at script) ' If we just let people do what ever they want to, and don't try to stop them, the whole country is going to be in a mess (shakes head on the words 'a mess). (Looks up) Is that better?

Lisa: Yeah, that looks good.

(Bobbi nods in approval, then Lisa stands)

Lisa: Whatta ya say we quit for the night? I think we can get the rest of it straight on Sunday morning before church.

Bobbi and Todd: Okay, that's a good idea.

(Todd moves over to the table and picks up his coat and drink cup; Lisa walks over to the table and picks up some papers; Bobbi is still seated looking at a script very intently. Todd begins to speak as he turns away from the table and toward Bobbi and Lisa)

Todd: Hey, guys, I'm going home.  It's been a long day, and I still have a lot of homework.

Lisa: Okay.We'll see you Sunday.

Todd: (starts to walk off stage, then stops and turns and says) Are you going to be okay going to your cars? It's pretty dark outside...

Lisa: Oh, yeah...we'll be fine. We'll leave together.

Todd: Okay.See ya! (Walks off stage)

(A pause after Todd leaves; Lisa is still at the table moving and organizing papers; Bobbi studies her script then slowly looks up and says)

Bobbi: Say, Lisa, can I ask you something?

Lisa: (still working with the papers) Sure.

Bobbi: What do you think of Todd?

Lisa: (Still shuffling paper) What?

Bobbi: ( a little more insistently) What do you think of Todd?

Lisa: (stops and looks at Bobbi with a puzzled expression) What do you mean, 'What do you think of Todd?

Bobbi: I mean exactly what I said.What do you think of Todd?

Lisa: (Still standing behind table; shrugs her shoulders and says) Well, I don't know.He's a pretty nice guy and all.(Walks around table and sits on front) (Coyly) So, are you interested in Todd?

Bobbi: (Shakes her head while saying 'no) NO, NO, no, no, no...he and I are just friends. (Looks at Lisa) No, I'm just wondering what you think about him as a person?

Lisa: As a person? (Looks at audience) Well,...he always works hard in the dramas, and .....he's always been nice to me. (pause and looks at Bobbi) Why do you ask?

Bobbi: I just heard something about him that I just can't believe. (Gets up and moves toward audience, looks sad)

Lisa: (Gets up from table) What?

Bobbi: (Looks at Lisa) Lisa, Todd's been using drugs.(looks at audience) I can't hardly believe it!

Lisa: Wow....Are you sure?

Bobbi: (Walks to table and sits on it, hands in lap) Well, I heard him talking to the pastor about it. They were talking in the corner the other day and I was sitting just inside the door from where they were standing.

Lisa: (in disbelief) Wow...

Bobbi: Yeah, Wow is right! You know, I thought I knew Todd. We grew up together and he was always the kid all of us could depend on to do the right thing. He was so good, we used to wonder what was wrong with him. Now, ever since I heard that he was using drugs, (looks down) I'm kind of afraid to be around him.

Lisa: (walks up beside Bobbi and puts her hand on Bobbi's shoulder) I wonder if this will affect him being on the drama team?

(Todd enters from the side; both girls give a short scream, Bobbi jumps up as she screams and puts her arm around Lisa and both face Todd; Todd stops, surprised)

Bobbi: Todd, what are you doing here? We thought you were gone!!!

Todd: Hey, I'm so sorry to scare you. I guess I should have called ahead. ( He begins to walk to chairs and looks for somethings as he talks; Bobbi and Lisa turn to face him as he walks by) I came back because I forgot my schedule for the drug rehab ministry this week. (Bobbi and Lisa look at each other in amazement and back at Todd as he speaks; Todd gets some papers underneath a chair as he talks) I need to look it over one more time before tomorrow night.I have to leave right after school, so I need to get ready tonight.(stands up and looks at girls who are still arm -in-arm; he pauses and says) Hey, are you 2 alright?

Lisa: Yeah, Todd; we're just fine.  You just surprised us.

Todd: Ooookay.(Walking out) I'm gone again....seeya! (leaves stage)

Lisa: (steps back from Bobbi, folds arms and glares at her) Using drugs, huh?

Bobbi: (rolls her head and looks sheepish) Well, how was I to know they were talking about a drug ministry?

Lisa: You know, Bobbi, you're gonna have to stop jumping to conclusions about people. Sometimes what we believe about people is not the truth. Sometimes people are not what we think they are.

Bobbi: Yeah....I'm glad Todd is not what I thought he was!



© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged.
In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: advpastor@gmail.com