Satisfaction Guaranteed

By Erina Caradus


Bob Lux, a self-assured salesman has the product, which will change your life. It’s called satisfaction, and as several seemingly successful people find out, it’s worth their while to look into it. This is designed to run in advert style through the first part of the service with 2 appearances from Bob himself.


Salesman: persuasive
Official:  not an actor but someone from your church who would  normally operate in a pastoral capacity.
Video only
Athlete:   satisfaction from outdoor pursuits, fame
Rich woman:    satisfaction from possessions
Univ.professor: satisfaction from knowledge, wisdom
Business man: satisfaction from power, authority
Miss Otago:   satisfaction from relationships

Staging:  only the first scene is acted on the stage, the rest of the ‘drama’ occurs in 30-second video clips (advert style) during the first part of the service.


(As worship leader is about to start the service a salesman with briefcase walks onto stage and takes microphone)

Salesman: I'm sorry to interrupt your service, but I was just passing by and noticed that the following car has its lights on (reads a fictitious description of car and number plate from a piece of paper) and while I've got your attention, I’d like to interest you in a new product that’s just out. I can see you're an intelligent and discerning group of people and I can tell you've all been asking yourself the question: How can I get rich quick? Well - have I got the scheme for you? (Holding up A4 promotional)
I call it, Satisfaction - and that's what it will be bring you - satisfaction! Dissatisfied with your present lifestyle? Dissatisfied with your future prospects? (Is interrupted by worship leader and says last line as being escorted off by official to car park door) Then see me after the service - I'll be waiting right outside...

(The next 5 scenes are video clips They can be shown two at a time if you want (and athlete on its own) during the first part of the service. The salesman is not seen or heard in the videos but each scene ends with him handing the promotional ‘Satisfaction’ CD to the person, then a question comes on screen, white writing on black background followed by a full screen of the logo)

Deck chair scene
(Miss Otago is flanked by 2 adoring hunks)

Miss Otago:  (accepting a drink from Hunk1) Thank you, darling. (Hunk 2 drops a grape into her mouth) But, of course I’m satisfied! Who wouldn’t be? More men than I know what to do with….pleasure on every hand…I tell you being Miss Otago is the experience of a life time…(slightly choking on drink and putting it down) Old age? Why, no, I hadn’t thought much…does anyone? … (Accepts Satisfaction CD) Well, thank you, maybe I could have a quick listen…

OHP: "Want a lifestyle full of pleasure? Then you need…" (followed by Satisfaction logo)


Univ. professor:  (in a ponderous tone) Money? What is mere money?….All my life I have sought after knowledge. I have contemplated the great ideologies of our time and revelled in examining the origin, meaning and purpose of  life…Socrates? Plato? Mere infants!… (Indignantly) Anything I don’t know? Well, young man that would surprise me! Very well, I’ll look into it…(accepting Satisfaction CD) Satisfaction, eh? Well, is it ever attainable?

OHP: "Knowledge may not be enough… you need…"  (followed by Satisfaction logo)

Sports ground
(Athlete jogging up to camera,  takes a swig of Fresh up)

Athlete: It’s gotta be good for you  (limbering up) ahhh, the satisfaction of pushing your body to its limits…(winning wave) the roar from the crowd…(victor’s pose) the glory of the moment….(indignantly) What happens when I go to seed? ….John who? … He was?!  Look, maybe I will take one… (Accepts Satisfaction CD and walks off doubtfully flexing his muscles)

OHP: "You won’t always be young…but you can have…" ( followed by Satisfaction logo)

Outside jewellers shop

Rich woman: Oh, I know all about that…money is absolutely no problem (runs her hands along her fur coat displaying jewelled fingers) I’ve got everything my little heart desires, a wee mansion in Queenstown, rooms full of antiques and art treasures, a new dress for every week of the year…anything I want, I just pop out and buy it .I’ve rather got my eye on this necklace. (Indicates shop window) Satisfaction? What an interesting concept (thoughtfully) I never feel exactly satisfied…(flippantly) Well, I’ve got just about everything else, so, why not, I’ll have one…always nice to try something new…(accepts Satisfaction CD)

OHP: "Want to have your cake and eat it too? Then you need…" (followed by Satisfaction logo)

City council buildings, if possible standing waiting for lift

Businessman:  (looking at his watch) You’ve got precisely 30 seconds…Future prospects? I tell you, man, I’m heading right for the top. Move over Sukhi Turner…. it’s just one small step on my way to the big Hive. Clark, Shipley? Small fry – you’re looking at a man who knows what power is…I live for it…yeah; sure I’ve got my plans…well, if I told you they’d be cuing for the job upstairs. (Looks at watch) 30 seconds up…(turns to go then holds out his hand) look, do you mind if I take a copy after all? (Accepts a Satisfaction CD)

OHP: "Unsure of your future prospects? Then you need…" (followed by Satisfaction logo)

Church Carpark
(Final clip, just before preacher speaks. Official talking to salesman)

Official: Well, thank you for telling me all that, Bob, but, look - tell me, honestly, just between you and me - are you really satisfied with your life? Has all this really brought you satisfaction?
Salesman: (crumples) No…no, it hasn’t… (Head in hands)

Official: Look, why don’t you come back in and listen to the rest of the service? I think you might find it helpful…
(Official and the salesman enter from car park door and sit in front row as preacher begins to speak).

(A final interruption was made in our service when the preacher mentioned the word satisfaction, Bob handed him the CD. This meant the preacher at the end of his message could hold his Bible in one hand and the CD in the other to contrast the 2 alternatives.)
(If you use Power Point you could also include pictures of the actors during the relevant part of the sermon as illustrations of riches, power, intellect etc.)


© Erina Caradus (Dunedin City Baptist)  2001
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. Our drama group can be contacted at the following address: