By Julia Wheeler


A mime. All sorts of good things are on offer in life, like money, fame. But they only tie you down, and pull you apart; none of them let you be free, except Jesus.


John 8v32 - Jesus said "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!"


Person 1, rich person, royal person, religious person, Jesus.


Person 1 stands centre stage, facing audience. Rich person walks onto stage with a suitcase. Happy, smiling. Waves at person 1. Person 1 waves back, smiling. Rich person opens briefcase, shows person 1 the contents. Person 1 - 'wow!'. Rich person offers the contents to person 1. Person 1 shocked, really? Rich person, yes, take it. Person 1 grabs some notes, starts counting them. Then takes more. Shoves it in pockets, down top, everywhere, keeps taking more till briefcase empty. Continues counting notes. While counting, rich person looks at audience and expression goes from happy to evil, and he/she takes a rope from pocket. While person 1 engrossed in counting the money, rich person ties rope around person 1's wrist (opposite wrist to one closest to), then goes and kneels a few steps away, parallel to person 1, holding end of rope.

Person 1 now has tied arm outstretched. Remains so.

In walks royal person, happy, smiling. Royal waves at audience. Then instructions aimed at audience - 'do this, do that'. More royal waves. Person 1 sees them and waves. Royalty gives a royal wave back. Offers person 1 their crown. Person 1 -'really?!'. Royalty nods. Turns and looks at audience, motions that they're gonna give their crown to person 1. Does so. Person 1 starts giving royal wave to audience, beaming. As they do so, royalty turns head to face audience. Expression goes from happy to evil, smirking. Pulls rope from pocket and ties around person 1's feet. Kneels a few steps behind person 1, still holding the rope.

In walks religious person. Hands in praying position. Person 1 sees them and waves with free hand. Religious person walks over and motions for person 1 to pray. They both pray. While person 1 is praying, religious person looks at audience with evil, smirking expression. Pulls rope from pocket. Ties rope around person 1's free wrist and walks backwards and kneels a few steps away, parallel, still holding rope.

Person 1 stops praying. Realises tied up. Religious person and rich person take turns at pulling their ropes, pulling person 1 one way and then another (person 1's feet remain still). Person 1 looks at audience, helpless and worried.

In walks Jesus. Person 1 sees him and stops, people holding ropes stop pulling. Jesus walks over. First takes ropes from around person 1's feet and put them round his own. Then one wrist, then another. Person 1 runs slightly off stage, dancing and happy, - 'I'm free!'. Freezes in happy position, facing audience. Meanwhile, rich person and religious person stand up. They give each other an evil smirk, look at audience with same face, look back at each other and with a simultaneous clap they pull on their ropes. Jesus' arms lift higher and his feet come together. At this person 1 turns and sees what's happened. HE catches her eye and, looking at her, his head drops, he dies.

Person 1 looks at audience, upset, horrified. Looks back at Jesus, then runs and kneels at his feet.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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