By Julia Wheeler


A mime: We all wear masks- try and be someone we are not, or who we think other people want to see. But with Jesus the only person he wants you to be is you.


Girl, Happy person, angry person, boyfriend, priest, Jesus.


Scene:- Girl sits on chair, centre stage, facing audience. Reading newspaper/filing nails. Completely straight faced.

Happy person skips up to front door, to left of girl. Knocks. Girl gets up, walks to door, looks through peephole. Turns and faces audience, thinking. 'A-ha.' Walks back towards chair, and facing audience, opens a cupboard. Takes out a mask. Puts mask on and as soon as she does so, becomes happy. Runs to door and flings it open, greets friend with a hug/kiss. Happy person pulls out a present, gives to girl. Then has to leave. Girl shuts door, returns to cupboard and puts mask back. Becomes straight faced again. Sits down.

Angry person storms up to front door, knocks hard. Girl walks to door, looks through peephole. Goes to cupboard and gets a different mask, becomes angry immediately it is put on. Storms to door, has argument with angry person. Slams door. Returns, puts mask back, sits straight faced.

Boyfriend walks up to front door. Checking hair, smelling armpits etc. Sees a flower, picks it, smells it, hides behind back and knocks door. Girl looks through peephole, goes to cupboard and takes out a different mask. Immediately becomes lovey-dovey! Swoons over to door, opens it, boyfriend gives her a flower. Girl swoons, smells it, puts it in her hair. Boyfriend kisses her hand, then motions he has to go. He starts to walk away and girl stands in doorway watching him go. He turns and blows her a kiss, she catches it and puts in her pocket. He leaves. She shuts door, returns to cupboard still in character. Removes mask, becomes straight faced and sits down.

Priest walks up to door. Very proper, hands in praying position. Knocks. Girl checks through peephole, returns to cupboard and takes out another mask. As soon as she's put it on her hands go in praying position. Then shakes finger at audience 'no, no no'. Walks to door, opens it, priest bows, girl bows back. Priest lays hand on girl's head to bless her. Priest comes in, takes Bible out of pocket, and points something in it out to the girl. Shakes finger at girl - 'no'. Girl copies. Turns page, girl shakes finger 'no', priest corrects, 'yes'. Girl confused but copying priest. Priest puts Bible away, motions to girl that they'll pray. Priest kneels and prays, exaggerated prayer. Girl remains standing, daydreaming. Priest notices, pulls girl down onto floor next to him/her. Girl starts praying exaggerated prayer. Opens one eye, sees priest is still praying, continues herself. Priest then stops it, stands up, pulls girl up to her feet. Goes to leave. Girl shuts door, puts mask back in cupboard, straight faced sits down.

Jesus walks to the door. Knocks. Girl goes, looks through peephole, then stands facing audience, confused. Looks through peephole again. Still confused. Shrugs, goes to cupboard and looks at the masks. Doesn't know which one to wear, so shrugs and picks the happy mask. Runs to door, opens it, waves excitedly. Jesus take the mask off her face and smashes it on his knee. Girl wags finger at him, 'no'. Jesus points at her. Girl shakes head, confused. Runs back to cupboard, tries angry mask, again Jesus smashes it. Girl again wags finger, Jesus again points at her. Girl tries lovey-dovey mask. Stands in front of Jesus eyes closed, waiting for a kiss. He again takes mask, smashes it and points at her. Girl angrily wags finger at him and runs back to cupboard. Sees only mask left is religious mask. Thinks, ah, this will work…

Goes to door. Jesus takes mask and smashes it. Points at her. Girl upset now, wags finger at him and drags him in to show him the cupboard, motioning that all the masks are gone. Starts to cry. Jesus repeatedly through this is pointing at her. When she starts crying he places a hand on her shoulder, until she looks at him, still confused, still telling him all the masks are gone. He points at her. She stops. Points at herself, confused - 'is that all?!'. He nods, and points at her again. She looks at audience, points at herself again. Looks back at Jesus, and kneels before him, head down.

Sketch ends with Jesus placing one hand on her shoulder, and with the other takes her hand. Girl lifts her head so she is looking at Jesus.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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