Three Roads Converged

(For Dee Anne Merrill, on their third wedding anniversary.)

Three roads converged.
One road emerged.
From whence they came,
There is no name.
Sojourners on each of two paths traveled.
For each the journey had become unraveled
Reasons which remained unspoken.
Words not found for what had broken.
But trust each would take in the road's design
And in the One whom each soul He would refine.
Each would trust Him to the journey's end
Despite the dips, hills, or unknown bend.
Each one's path was met by other's,
Family, friends, and sometimes lovers.
But never did the roads combine,
Sojourners lives did not align
Until the day two paths united.
Two lives and roads stayed undivided.
A miracle, it seemed, had taken place.
Each traveler had felt God's hand of grace.
Companionship each one now had
With the other partner, both quite glad.
They walked together hand in hand
Never did the roads disband.
How, you ask, did they stay together
Even through life's stormy weather?
How many roads merged to form one path?
Was it two, come now, do the math.
No, in fact, those joined were three.
Then whose road would the third one be?
The reason the two roads remained as one:
The third road belonged to God's precious Son.
Therein lies the profound mystery,
And what creates abundant history.
Three roads converged.
One road emerged.


© Copyright Richlon Merrill. All rights reserved.
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