The Sinner's Quandry

He whispers softly in my ears
telling me things
about me.
He knows me
Yet my knowledge of Him is

He invites me to come
The invitation is tempting
But there are things too
important to leave behind
Yet He still invites me
and I am tempted

Confusion is with me constantly
and fear follows close behind
His whispers are pleasurable
Promising things that seem impossible
How does He know what I need?

I must think this through
But He said it's alright
He's gonna make it alright
I want to trust Him
But the things I'll lose.
Are they worth Him?

Will He be enough that I won't
need anything else?
Can He really fulfill my every need?
Does He really love me as He says?
Did He really do all that for me?
Is He really worth it?
Is He really worth it?

He says He wrote me letters
Pages and pages of them.
He says that I should read them
And learn more about Him
He says I have a brother and a close friend
Should I trust Him?

He says I should come to Him
Just as I am
He says He'll do the rest
My only job is to come
Can it really be that simple?
Nothing ever is.

Should I accept the invitation
Just to see what He can do
After all I have tried so many things
Why not this too.



© Copyright Vanessa Williams. All rights reserved.
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