I keep on circling the wrong way through this unthankful world
Smashing my head through the mortal pavement that has now blocked my path
They teach us lies on the invention of fools, thinking of the points on demon scales
I reach for the answer that has only been heard by the few called by angel screams
I touch the hand that has felt pain in the fullest, holes to prove His love
I hate the world who is responsible for death, but not for the life in which it keeps

The Lord keeps us in the palm of His hand, and tears fall for those who were deceived
I mourn fully for those who were taught by my misconceptions of life before I knew
They now suffer for what has already been done out of the Pleasurer of pain
I once prayed for The Lost One, not for servitude, but for saving
I ate the words of grace as I recalled the brutal betrayal of the prayee

I weep bitterly in the cold sinful reality in which I dwell in against my will, but not His
A cloud of guilt suffocates me as he laughs his sinister, snaky, snickers
But I find strength in the Lord Almighty, in His spirit is where all strength dwells
I praise Him knowing the war is won, battles continue, but the war is won

Rejecting spirits make me long for You, You are comforting
The flaming tear falls revealing the outcome of the present, I rejoice
for the unknown
Our God reigns, our God reigns, our God reigns indeed.

Sean O'Dell