Psalm (Heartcry)

Where are You God
       why can't You hear me?
I did not forsake You
       I upheld Your name day by day
Morning by morning I praised You
       I honoured Your name by night.
I walked in Your paths
       a man of integrity.
I put my life in Your hands
       to cleanse my way.

Don't You know that I am crushed
       destroyed by enemies I cannot see
The world as I knew it has gone
       I am lost in a whirlpool of pain and despair.
I am cut off from all I have known
       even from myself

My anger spills like lava
       it erupts like a volcano destroying all in its path
Loved ones quake, uncertain, unsure.
       There is no safety in life
Will I find it in death?

Where are You God
       why can't You hear me?
I am paralysed
       bound by the grave clothes of despair
I am frightened to love
       but long to be held
Someone, please find me
       ignore my resistance and wake me with a kiss

Will I ever find peace
       will I ever know Your presence again?
I drown the pain with ceaseless noise
       When will silence be safe? I cannot look to the future
       so I will look to the past
When I knew Your love
       when I felt Your presence
All I can do is hope that this will come again
       because I knew You then as Faithful and True.

Though the darkness hides You from me
       I am not hidden from You
I will hope in You, my Saviour, my God
       for You will come and keep me safe.


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