Loving Me


I gave my love

With no question of it being returned

How foolish was I?

I gave no little thought to the quality of my life

If I did, I might have considered death superior

The abuse of my love overtime consumed me

The more I gave, the more they took


They discarded it

Like something worthless


Where does that leave you?

I felt like Job

But these people were not just!

They believed what they were told

Not what their eyes could see

Where do you go when those you have loved

Turn and hurt you

Betray you at every turn?

Yet you love

Because you don't know anything else

You believe

"Just love them enough, they'll soon see"

See what?

See how much you love them ofcourse

Surely you shouldn't have to prove it by now?


You do


You will never be good enough because

They have rejected you

But then I stop and muse a while

Who am I to say they're right?

My life is one they cannot own

I live it fresh from day to dawn

In my own distinctly loving way

I know I am okay

Copyright Anna Grace Cannon 2005 , all rights reserved.
This poem may be performed publicly without royalty provided no entrance fee is charged. In return, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. She may be contacted at annagracehopecannon@hotmail.com