What Were They Thinking

  What were they thinking
  When You stood there , silent ,
  Resigned to Your fate , unwilling
  To stop the lies and insults
  Hurled at You ?

  Didn't they know
  Submission to Our Father's will
  Is the only way ?

  What were they thinking
  When You were beaten
  Within an inch of Your life ,
  When You were forced
  To carry Your own cross
  On Your torn , bloody back ?

  Didn't they realize
  The cross is the key
  To Our Father's Kingdom ?

  What were they thinking
  When they nailed You to that tree ,
  When a Roman soldier
  Pierced Your side with a lance
  And water and blood flowed ?

  Didn't they know
  You were the hope of mankind ,
  And Hope can never be
  Crucified ?

Copyright Elizabeth Lyulkin , djlaml@Earthlink. net