Song for a Sunday Morning

 A reflection on Mary in the garden on Easter morning.


There they lie -

Our dreams in shreds,



heart-shattered -

All the things we thought that mattered

have slipped

in the stripped form,



blood-matted form


to a cross.


It's not just a man who's died,

but our hopes,





of a vision that might have been.

"Dream dreams," they sneered

in snide scorning

as they hammered home the last three taunts

of a devil's smile.

They might as well

have slammed them into my heart.


We've been the extra mile

and back again

and nowhere left to start.


Is the morning too still

to hear a word twice whispered?

Is there dawning possible

from hearts all bitter-twisted?


Who dares disturb my grief

or bring a word?


But there it is again.

No raised voice this, nor distant,

but quiet, insistent,

slowly stripping dawn's resistance

to the joy it brings.

I try to mourn:

"Tell me where they've laid him!"

Warm eyes have none of it.

No graven gaze engulfs my face,

but love -




from a riven heart

that took the path of love.

Faith flickers,


bursts out aflame -

And Man!


Suddenly the enormity of it all strikes you .........


That death

was just a birth

the world will not contain.


© John McNeil 1998
All rights reserved
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