Red # 3


A hall long as life, red doors on each wall.
They walk me so slowly, to a door red and tall.
A black number 3 looks down at me.
They say, “here's your door,” it's Red # 3.

I don't fit, can't you see, you've put me in a box.
I'm blue not a red, and a four not a three.
Don't keep me here, please let me go free,
Help get me out of red # 3

I don't belong, it's not me can't you see.
It's not who I am, it's not what I want to be.
I have to move on, there s more to me than you see
Won't you help me get out of red # 3

Why am I here? Are the reasons you know?
Do we all have to fit in a box just so?
Can't you all just see, we just want to be we.
Please let us out of red # 3.


Copyright Valerie H. Klaus, all rights reserved.
12549 W. Union Rd.
Spencerville, Ohio 45887-9642