f r a g m e n t



I got your letter today -

should I tell you that I cried

when I came to the bit

where you said

you loved me?

That the words

swept away

this cobweb world of shadows

where I dwelled for so long,

a world

where my face

was beginning to fade

when I looked in the mirror,

where I could hear talk

but no people around me;

where I would walk

but my feet slip

through the ground.

Golden autumn

would fall from the trees

but all those leaves

just melted through

my outstretched hands.

And yes,

I had sensed slip those sands




John McNeil 1998. All rights reserved.
This poem may be used free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged to a performance. In exchange, the author would appreciate being notified of any occasion the poem is used in public performance. He may be contacted at: soul.communication@outlook.com Or at: 36B Stourbridge St, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand.