A Missionary's Heart

By R. Taylor


The Lord seeks for a person with a missionary's heart. He tests hearts through asking them to give, pray, go, or obey. Instead, He finds selfishness, pride, self-righteousness, and doubting. He finally finds a missionary's heart in a child.


Narrator and 5 actors (any age - can be non-speaking)


God sought for someone with a missionary's heart whom He could call to a place of great labor and great reward. But in church after church, God found cold, unresponsive hearts that were closed to His voice. Finally in one small church, God found a man listening to a missionary service. Tears streamed down the man's face as he heard touching stories of the lost on a faraway mission field. God saw the tenderness of the man's heart, and God smiled. Perhaps this was the one! Then the offering was announced and the ushers went forward. While the leader of the service was praying over the offering, God stepped close and whispered to the man. "You've just received a large income tax refund. Will you give that money to Me so that more churches can be built in heathen countries?" The man stiffened and wiped his tears away. "I hope someone else will give," the man said. "I have plans for that money. It really breaks my heart to hear about the lost. I'm sure that God sees how excited I get about the cause of missions. It's too bad that I can't do anything to help myself."

Sadly, God left the man's side. "This one does not have a missionary's heart," He said. "A missionary must be willing to give all that others might gain. There is no room in a missionary's heart for selfishness."

Next God searched among the camp meetings. Here He found many whose emotions were stirred, just like the first man's; but God needed more than words of compassion only. God paused joyfully when a woman put a large amount of money into the missionary offering plate. When the service was over, God's presence followed the woman out. "You have some time now that you could spend alone with Me," He urged gently. "The missionaries you have heard about need the strength that I can give them through your prayers. Come and talk to Me about them."

"There are my friends standing just over there," the woman said. "I want to be with my friends. I want to tell them all about the big sacrifice I've made by giving money to missions. They'll think I'm just great. Who will know if I go to my room alone to pray?"

"This one does not have a missionary's heart," God thought as He continued His search. "A missionary must be motivated by love. There is no room in a missionary's heart for pride."

Sorrowfully, God searched through the homes of Christian families. Everywhere, He heard parents teaching their children the truths of His Word, and He saw children learning to behave in the ways that they knew a Christian should act, but He saw that they only tried to please their church and society, and very few spent much time with Him. At last, God noticed a young father lingering long to pray over a list of missionary's names. God bent near and listened gladly to the prayers of that father. "You need not only pray that others may go," He suggested tenderly. "I am calling you to go. Will you be a missionary and give your life to see souls brought to Me?"

"I've already done my part," the father replied. "I've fulfilled my duty by giving money in nearly every missions offering, sending letters of encouragement to the missionaries, and praying faithfully every day for them. Besides, I have responsibilities here."

"This one does not have a missionary's heart," God whispered as He turned away. "A missionary must be obedient. There is no room in a missionary's heart for self-righteousness."

God went to the mission fields, to search among those of His people who were already missionaries. He found them laboring diligently, earnestly endeavoring to complete the many beneficial projects they had begun on their fields. God realized with regret that in the midst of their busyness, some of them had forgotten to listen for His voice. They were accomplishing much that was good, but their harvest of souls was little. God was pleased when He found a missionary on her knees, asking for guidance. He spoke kindly to the missionary. "I have another work for you to do," He said. "Your work here is done. Follow Me to another field."

"I feel as though I have been able to do so little for God. I am so inadequate. I can't possibly undertake another responsibility in God's Kingdom. I know I would fail. I just don't think God is really calling me," the missionary said.

God knew that His search was not completed yet. "This one does not have a missionary's heart," He murmured sadly. "A missionary must have faith enough to trust in Me. There is no room in missionary's heart for doubting."

God had one place left in which to seek for a missionary's heart. He sought patiently and slowly in the Christian schools, weighing the hearts of the children. He found many small hearts that were tender to His voice, and some who were willing to give generously to others in need. But in each heart He found something lacking. Some spoke unkindly to their classmates; love was not there. Others were not obedient to teachers or parent, and a few had not yet learned to trust the promises of God's Word. "Is there no one even here with a missionary's heart, no one that I may prepare to someday answer My call?" He wondered. And then he heard a young voice:

Do you want me to help you study your Spelling words? The teacher said I could. I noticed you were discouraged. Don't you think we should pray first? That's what helps me the most.

And God rejoiced.


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