Maintenance to Mission

By Mike Cain


3 friends are out tramping and come to a crossroad with a signpost. To the left is "Mission", to the right "It's always been". They have come from "Maintenance" and are heading to "More of the same". They all have packs on and tramping clothes. They arrive at the signpost and take off their packs to rest.


3 main actors (2 m & 1 f)
2 extras (1 m & 1 f)


Dave: Hey, it's been great making this journey with you guys.

Bob: No worries mate, it's been a good trip.

Ann: Yeah. I thought the track would have been a lot harder but it's been pretty relaxed really.

Dave: You do know we have to make a decision now, don't you?

Ann: I suspected we might arrive at this place, but I sort of hoped we could make it home without coming this way.

Dave: We didn't have to come this way but now that we are here we need to decide the best way to carry on.

Bob: Well I say we keep on straight ahead. We got this far okay, so "More of the same" sounds pretty safe to me.

(Dave & Bob don't notice Ann wander off casually in the direction of "Mission".)

Dave: But didn't the guide book say we should be inviting people to come with us. We haven't seen many people on the track so far, and the ones we have seen seem either reluctant to come with us or they end up getting lost in the woods.

Bob: I guess that means that the way "It's always been" is out of the question then?

Dave: If we go that way, according to the guide book it sounds like we'll end up going around in circles and eventually find our way right back here.

Bob: But there isn't even a track going this way, the sign (Mission) just points at solid bush.

Dave: Think of the possibilities. We make our own path, just follow the sun. And the guide book shows us the way to go, we can't really go too far wrong. Do you really want to be on this track forever? Don't you think that taking the easy route has been rather boring?

Bob: I have to admit that it hasn't been much of a challenge. But I'm getting pretty weighed down by this pack.

Dave: That's because we haven't met many people coming this way who are willing to share the load.

Bob: And you think that going this way there will be any more?

Dave: I really don't know what we might encounter going this way, but I'll tell you one thing for sure, it's getting dark and if we don't do something positive soon we're going to end up getting lost.

Bob: Speaking of getting lost, did you see where Ann went?

Dave: No, I didn't. Ann! Ann! I hope she hasn't gotten lost in the woods. I think we should go look for her.

Bob: But we have to press on, it is getting darker and now we have her pack to carry too.

(Ann comes in from "Mission" with Jeff and Mary.)

Ann: Hey guys.

Dave: Where have you been? We thought you got lost in the woods.

Ann: Well in a way I did. I could see you guys were going to be arguing all day about which way to go, so I headed off this way to see what it was like.

Bob: And…?

Ann: The going isn't as hard as it first looks. There's plenty of light and heaps of people that just love to hear stories of our adventures. And look, I met up with Jeff & Mary and they said they'd be happy to come and help carry your packs. (Dave & Bob shake hands with Jeff & Mary and say hi.)

Bob: You say the going isn't so bad?

Ann: No, not at all. Well, it is a bit scary for a start cause there's not really a track, but as long as you follow the guide book and get over your fear of all of the people, you soon find the woods not as thick as it looks.

Bob: But it looks like it heads up hill.

Ann: It does, but it'll be easier going as we share the load with more people.

Dave: Well Bob, shall we give it a shot?

Bob: Why not?

(Ann & Mary pick up Ann's pack and head off to "Mission" followed by Dave. Bob & Jeff pick up Bob's pack and follow as Bob says to Jeff…)

Bob: I tried to tell Dave that this was the way to go but would he listen? Nooo!


Copyright Mike Cain, all rights reserved.

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