Where's Daddy

By Benjamin J. Stephens


When Danny drops in on his girlfriend Carnie he comes face to face with his own failures in this short drama on absentee fathers.




(The scene is a cramped living room.)

CARNIE: So when are you coming home, Danny?

DANNY: Home? This ain't my home.

CARNIE: It is when it's convenient for you.

DANNY: (Smiles and tries to hug Carnie) That's 'cause you're my Sweetness.

CARNIE: (Rebuffs him) No more, Danny - do you hear me?

DANNY: What's wrong, Baby? Why are you acting like this?

CARNIE: (Angry - emotional) Look, I let you get into my head - now I'm a mama, taking care of our baby and the only time you come back is when you're hungry.

DANNY: At least I come back.

CARNIE: For what? You have never even asked about Anthony.

DANNY: (Still trying to be smooth) That's cause I'm here to see his mama.

CARNIE: That's the point, Danny. I'm the mama - but what are you? (Pause as Danny tries to come up with something to say). You're just the guy that got me pregnant. You don't mind a little sunshine but you brought on a rain storm, Danny. Now you just want to run away.

DANNY: (Smiles) Look I know what this is - this is that post pardom thing, right? You're just upset, Baby. I'll come back some other time. (Sound effects of baby crying throughout to the end of the script - Carnie looks off stage)

DANNY: (Smile fades quickly) Yeah, I gotta go. I'll call you some time.

CARNIE: (Starts to cry) Danny, Anthony needs you.

DANNY: Why, Baby. He's got a mama. (Pause - suddenly melancholy) That's all I had. Did I turn out so bad? (Walks off stage)

CARNIE: (Begins weeping as she walks off the opposite side of the stage) Don't cry, Baby - Mama's coming.

Copyright 2005 by Benjamin J. Stephens. Should you use this script would you be so kind as to let us know? firstacts@writesoon.com