The Goodbye

By Ron Gordon


Sitting at a bus stop, a friendship is bonded. One is starting anew, one is a seasoned veteran with the bus routes. We find that at the end, this small meeting has made a difference, and even though one will no longer be there, they will be missed. (This was written and performed when our pastor was suddenly moved....out of the country. I searched everywhere for a script about saying goodbye, with out being really sappy. There is no mention of God or Jesus, it is just a simple goodbye between strangers.)




(Scene opens with a man sitting on a bus stop bench. He is working on something on his computer. It is a typical day for him. He seems very comfortable sitting there. In walks a woman, she looks around as though she is not sure where she is. She looks at the man sitting there, glances around and then sits on the furthest part of the bench away from him. He looks up at her and smiles, she returns a polite smile. She starts to dig into her purse. She is obviously looking for something.)

Woman: This is how these days just seem to go.

Man: I'm sorry? (looks up from his computer)

Woman: Oh, I was just saying that this is how these days go. I am not sure of the bus routes and had a terrible morning trying to get ready.

Man: I have been there. I understand. You will get this bus thing down quickly.

Woman: I know I am going to need to transfer and I had a map here in my purse, but can't seem…..

Man: (leans over to his briefcase, opens it up, and pulls out a bus schedule.) Here, is this what you're looking for?

Woman: Oh, uh, yes but aren't you going to need it?

Man: No, I have been taking the same bus now for three years. I have the routine down now.

Woman: Wow, three years. I just moved here last month. My husband took a job here and, well to make ends met, I needed to find a job as well. It really was a good opportunity for him. Besides, I get out of the house and able to…(starts to cry)

Man: (moves closer) What? What is it?

Woman: I'm sorry. It's just that, well, I really don't know anyone in the city and I feel so alone, he works such late hours. Listen to me, telling you all this like we are old friends.

Man: I understand. I came here right out of the military. I didn't know anyone either. My name is Mike. (Holds out his hand)

Woman: (takes hand and shakes it) Cindy. Cindy Anderson.

Man: Nice to meet you, Cindy.

Woman: Nice to meet you as well, Mike. I guess I know someone in the city now. (she laughs nervously.

Man: Yes, now you do. What bus are you waiting for?

Woman: The cross town bus, number 18. It is suppose to be here at 8:30.

Man: That one is almost always on time, except on Fridays. You will want to be here 10 min early. The bus driver on Friday is always running early.

Woman: Thanks. So are you married?

Man: No. Being in the service, I didn't have time for women and, well, I guess my job keeps me out of those circles that would have me find one.

Woman: I see. So what do you do?

Man: I work for an advertising agency. The headquarters are in Los Angles, but they have an office here in Chicago. What about you? Where is your bus taking you?

Woman: Well, in high school, I worked at a bridal shop. I always dreamed of having a big wedding. You know how girls can be. The dress, the cake, the church and flowers. I really enjoyed helping brides so I applied at the big bridal shop downtown, Mason's. I will be setting appointments and working the sales floor. (to herself) Maybe I can help someone have the dream I didn't get.

Man: You didn't have a big wedding?

Woman: (lost in thought for a moment) What?? Oh, no. Mark: that is my husband. Mark wanted something simple. So we went to the justice of the peace.

Man: Well, I hope that if I ever get married that she will want a wedding like yours.

Woman: You could come to the bridal shop and I can help her pick out everything. Oh, I know I am going to love this job.

Man: (smiling) I can tell. You are going to do just fine here. It is hard to take that first step after being safe, but you will see. You will do great things. You have it inside of you to be great.

Woman: You really think so?

Man: Yes, I can. (smiles)

(Quietness falls over the two of them. The man starts to pack his stuff away and the woman is very excited over this friendship she has made. They both look to the left and see that the bus is coming.)

Woman: Well there it is, number 18, time for me to find out what I can do.

Man: Just remember, you will do great things.

Woman: (looks back) Aren't you coming?

Man: No, I take the next one. Number 23.

Woman: Oh, well I will see you tomorrow then.

Man: No, you won't. Today is my last day at this stop. I have been transferred to the home office. In Los Angles, remember?

Woman: (looks like she is ready to cry)

Man: Hey, this is a good move for me and maybe I will find someone that will be wanting that wedding.

Woman: I will miss you. That seems strange since we just met, but I will.

Man: Same here. Oh and you might need this. (hands her the bus mapping route.)


Copyright Ronn Gordon, all rights reserved.
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