By  Pete Smithies


The world's increasing population poses problems for the belief in reincarnation.



2 people (can be male or female)



1: Course I believe I shall come back.

2: What, you mean to an after school club?

1: No, come back. Not here - not today. I mean when I die.

2: When's that then?

1: How should I know.? But whenever it is I'm coming back.

2: Yeah, as a slug most likely. Watch out, it's already happening.

1: Don't mock.

2: I wasn't. There's very much about you that's slug-like in nature.

1: No seriously.. I mean, we have been here before.

2: Yeah, I know, we came in September and did another lesson.

1: No, in the world. In the world.

2: How do you mean?

1: Me and you. We've been re-incarcerated - we have had a previous existence.. on this planet.

2: Mmmmm - well, there is a slight problem there, old mate.

1: Yeah and what's that?

2: Let's put it this way. Do you happen to know how many people there are in the world?

1: How should I know. 1000? 1000 billion? 2? I don't know. I haven't been around much.

2: To put you out of your misery, I can tell you there's 6 billion.

1: Right.

2: And when Jesus was born there were about 2 billion.

1: Right. Is this getting us anywhere?

2: Stick with me. So in 2000 years the population of the world has grown by 52 billion.

1: Yep.

2: So if we keep coming back, why isn't it still 2 billion?

1: I hadn't thought of that.


© Pete Smithies 1999
All rights reserved
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