The Red Dress

By Fred Lane


Brenda and Carmen are two very good friends who have known each other for several years.  Both girls are planning to go to a school club dinner at a very nice restaurant.  Act 1 is set in Brenda's bedroom and Carmen finds and asks to wear Brenda's red dress. Act 2 is on the phone and Brenda reneges on the agreement on the day of the dinner.



box of tissues, comb, red dress, hand mirror, chair, bench, phone, end table, lamp


Act 1:

Setting: Brenda is combing her hair while seated in a chair; Carmen is looking at her face in a mirror.

Carmen: (inspecting her face in a mirror while wiping her face with a tissue) That new medicine seems to working. I haven't had a zit in 2 weeks.

Brenda: It's a wonder you have any skin left at all, the way you pick at your face all the time.

Carmen: (wads up the tissue and throws it at Brenda) Hey, at least my comb lasts more than one week...

Brenda: (Stops combing her hair)...And what's your point?

Carmen: (Gets up and answers in jest as she walks to the “closet”) My beautiful locks are never in need of combing...

Brenda: (throws the comb at Carmen) Yeah, right! (both girls face each other and laugh momentarily; Carmen turns back to the closet and pretends to look through Brenda's clothes)

Brenda: Whatcha looking for?

Carmen: You know that club dinner we're going to this weekend?

Brenda: Yeah

Carmen: Well, I've been looking in the stores for a dress to wear.  (Turns to Brenda) You know, the (name of a popular young adult clothing store) is so high, I just can't afford to buy anything there anymore.

Brenda: (picks up the mirror and starts to look at her own face) I know what you mean.

Carmen: (returns to looking at clothes in the closet) So,....I thought I just might get my favorite girl friend to let me borrow one of her dresses...(turns to face Brenda)

Brenda: (Get up and joins Carmen at the closet, answers while coming to the closet) “Moi”?..Do you really think that  you deserve to use one of my dresses? (hands on hips)

Carmen: Oh, come on!...Can I borrow one?

Brenda: Oh, you know you can!...(steps up to closet) What one do you want to use?

Carmen: (takes out red dress on a hanger) Actually, this is the one I had in mind...

Brenda: Hold it up to you...(Carmen holds it up to herself; Brenda steps back and crosses her arms as if to inspect it)

Carmen: Well, what do you think?

Brenda: I think it's cute! It'll look really nice on you. It's one of my favorite dresses, buuuuuttttt, anything for you!

Carmen: (puts the dress over her arm) Brenda, are you sure?

Brenda: (Goes up to closet and pretends to move the hanging clothes around) Look, you just went through my closet and saw all the clothes I have.  (Turns to Carmen) Don't you think I can afford to lend out one?

Carmen: Okay, okay.  I really, really appreciate this!!! (hugs Brenda; holds dress up to herself)

Lights out

Act 2

(Setting: Brenda calls Carmen on the day of the dinner; Brenda is off-stage with a microphone; Carmen is seated.  (phone rings and Carmen answers it)

Carmen: Hello?

Brenda: Hey, girl, how're you doing?

Carmen: Oh, Carmen, I'm doing great! I tried the dress on and it looks wonderful!

Brenda: Oh, really?

Carmen: Yeah! I showed it to my mom and dad and they thought it looked wonderful with my hair. Actually, my dad didn't notice the hair part, but he did say it looked great.

Brenda: Well, Brenda,...(pause)...that's what I wanted to talk to you about.  I...ah...I decided I want to wear the red dress tonight.  (pause, Carmen stands and acts shocked)

Brenda: Carmen, are you there?

Carmen: Yeah, I'm here.

Brenda: Carmen, I'm really sorry to do this to you, this being the day of the dinner and all...but I tried all the other...(cut off by Carmen)

Carmen: You're really serious, aren't you?

Brenda: Well, yeah...but I tried the other dresses on and they...

Carmen: (voice becomes tense and a little high) Brenda, I can't believe you would do this to me...on the day of the dinner.

Brenda: I said I was sorry...

Carmen: (walks with phone) No, if you were really sorry, you wouldn't do this to me! You know I can't get a different dress now!

Brenda: Look, I'm sorry about putting you out, but I need the dress!  None of the others look right on me!

Carmen: Oh, so it's okay to take the one dress that works for me when you have a closet full of dresses that you can wear!

Brenda: Well it's my dress!

Carmen: Fine! You can come and get your dress! I wouldn't wear it if it was the last piece of clothing in the world! (hangs up phone)

Carmen: Oh, I hate her! How could she call herself my friend and do this to me? I'm never talking to her again!

(Gets dress , throws it on the floor and stomps off down the aisle)

Lights out


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: