By Fred Lane


Rosie is a 'bag Lady'in a big city. She has had a rough life, and owns only what she has in her cart. This drama is meant to be used with 2 movie clips from Home Alone II.



Shopping cart full of 'things', bag lady clothes, bench, photograph in frame


(Rosie enters from side, bent over and looking at the ground, as she slowly pushes her cart. She stops cart just beyond bench because she sees the newspaper on the floor. She reaches down to pick it up, and flips through it for a moment.  She looks around to the bench [at center stage]. She starts to sit at the bench, then looks around as if thieves were nearby, and pulls the cart close to the bench.  She then sits down, and starts to read the paper [hold it up in front of face]. She does this this in silence for a silent count of 10)

Rosie: Well, whatdaya know! That good for nothing congressman finally got what's coming to him! (Puts paper down in lap and speaks to the audience) I've been watchin' that bum in the paper for 6 months now, and it was about time for him to get it. (picks up paper to look at article inside) Says here he was convicted for tax evasion. It's a shame he can't be put in jail for cheatin' on his wife!  (Roughly puts paper to her side on the bench) Married for 22 years and wham!...his wife finds out he's been foolin' around with another woman half his age! Why, if I'd been her....(looks down) If I'd...(pause, Rosie takes her hat off slowly and gently puts it in the cart) I...guess....I was....her....sorta.  (pause) My Bobby left me high and dry 10 years ago. (pulls her coat around her like she was cold) He ran off with this other woman and didn't leave me anything. I got a couple of jobs, but I couldn't hold them because I didn't have any experience and.....I guess I was just too blue to work. So, (Gets up, puts her hand on the cart, looks at the cart) this is all I have left, now....(sigh) except for my pigeons.  (pauses for a moment and looks at cart; then slowly reaches in and pulls out a framed picture)

Rosie: (Looking thoughtfully at the picture) This is my Bobby. (shows picture to audience) Isn't he a hansome man! I was so lucky to get him....

(looks at picture for a moment then puts it back in the cart and sits down; Glances left then right, as if she was looking for someone)

Rosie: (speaks as she looks) You can't be too careful here.  People will take everything you own. (looks at audience) I see a lot of people here.  Once in a while, someone will stop and speak or even offer to buy me a cup of coffee. Sometimes I accept, but mostly I ignore them. (She slowly gets up with paper in hand, speaking facing the cart) I just don't trust anybody anymore.

(She puts the paper securely in the cart. She puts her hat back on and turns the cart around and slowly pushes it toward the side, bent over and looking down. About half way to the exit she stops )

Rosie: (Looks up as if watching the sky) My pigeons...I do trust my pigeons...(looks at the audience) they're the best friends I have ever had.

(Resumes slowly pushing cart to exit, looking down and bent)


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: