Mates, Episode 6 - The One with the broken friend machine

By Tom and Cressida Bullock


MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services (contemporary worship) at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England).  While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity.  In this episode of MATES, Tom learns the importance of developing friendship..  


Inside the flat.


Voice over (Can be pre-recorded if necessary),


Box of Bits and bobs which make up a "friend machine", Love Hearts (sweets), glue, toy car,


(Opening Theme - See footnote for how to obtain sounds)

Voice Over: Last time on MATES, Sarah and Tom joined Rory in a brand new Flat.  Let's find out what they're up to today...

(Rory is watching TV. Sarah walks in while Tom is looking in a big box and reading instructions.)

Tom: Hey Sarah, I’m really excited. My 'friend machine' came today.

Sarah: What do you mean your friend machine? Tom: Well, basically you just put all these pieces together and it will look like this (shows her instructions), and then you put the diesel in here and hey presto, out pops a new friend!   Isn’t it just great, and it was cheap off eBay too.

Sarah: What? That’s crazy, you can’t build friends in a machine!

Rory: I know, I tried to tell him but he thinks it’s amazing.

Tom: Yeah, well I can prove it.  If I can only figure out how it goes together.  What's the point of this manual?  It's just making things more complicated.

Rory: I’m going out to meet Ben, we’re going to see that new film together, 'Miss Potty' [May wish to make more topical]!

Sarah: Oh, Lauren and I were going to see that too.  Let’s all see it together.  Want to come Tom?

Tom: No, No, I’m busy with this - remember I must make my new friend.

Rory: O.K. - Whatever.  See you later.

Voice Over: A few hours later...

(Enter Rory and Sarah.  Tom is sitting on the floor with his almost completed contraption.)

Sarah: That was a really good film and Ben was really nice.

Rory: I agree, it was really, really funny and it was great to meet your friend.  We should all do it again sometime.

Tom: Shush …This last piece goes right here and it is FINISHED.

Sarah: Okay, so where is this friend then?

Tom: I have to put in the diesel first.

Sarah: Tom, you can't afford diesel. You've spent this week's pocket money on your third driving test.  You really fluffed up your last test!

Tom: What! I was asked to go straight on  at the roundabout!

Rory: Yes, but not straight over!

Tom: Never mind. I'll pass my test one day, then I'll be able to take my new friend out for a ride!

Rory: Yeah, right!

Tom: Yeah!  Anyway these instructions say that in the event of a diesel shortage I can 'Improvise'. I thought I'd start with some of these (Love Hearts).

Rory: Love hearts?

Tom: Yes, my friend is going to be full of love and kindness.

Sarah: But love hearts are only full of sugar. Not love. What’s this then? Glue?

Tom: Isn’t that obvious. My friend will always stick by me, so he will need glue.

Rory: You’ve got so much you will probably have to peal him off.  Why have you got this then?

Tom: My friend will always tell the truth.

Sarah: What’s that got to do with a toy car?

Tom: It’s a Skoda…Honest.

Sarah: Well, that’s all you’ve got, so are you going to show us this thing in action or what?

Tom: No, of course not.  I must be the first thing my friend sees, it says here.  I can’t have him becoming somebody else’s friend can I?  No, you can meet him in a minute.

(Exit Tom)

Rory: He’s lost it this time, he really has. You can’t make friends with a few sweets, some glue and a car. It’s ridiculous.

(A loud crash and pieces of the machine come flying on stage.)

Tom: (Sarcastically and annoyed) Oh great.  Now I have no friends and no friend machine!  Why does eBay stuff never work?

Sarah: But Tom, you already had friends.  You had Rory and me.   We said you could come with us to the Cinema but you said no.  No matter how many good things you use, you can’t just create friends.  You have to develop friendship.

Tom: I suppose so.  I bet you think I’m an idiot now don’t you?

Rory: Yes!

Sarah: NO!  Well I suppose so, but we’re still your friends.

(Boom Bam Boom Boom Sound effect)

Voice Over: Will Rory ever stop insulting Tom? Will Tom Pass his driving test before Sarah? Will Sarah have an unusual experience in the next episode?
Find out next time on MATES!

(Closing theme) 


© Tom and Cressida Bullock. All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged, unless if the money goes to a charity or good cause.  In exchange for free performance, the authors would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the script is performed.  They will send you any sound files that are used in this episode of MATES for free, by e mail. The authors may be contacted at: