Mates, Episode 4 - The One with Too Many Toms

By Tom Bullock (et. al.)


MATES is a series of sketches that regularly appear in the MIX services at Preston Road Church (Yeovil, Somerset, England). They are a spin off from the popular sitcom, FRIENDS. While not directly Christian based, they are designed to tackle moral issues that are related to Christianity. This episode of Mates is about issues of discrimination and inclusion. The flatmates are much happier when they are ALL included in a Chocolate Party.  


1) The 'MATES' Flat (Living Room).
2) Outside the Tom Thompson Hall
3) Chocolate Party


Voice over (Can be pre-recorded if necessary),
Tom Ticket,


A local newspaper; Tom's invitation; a Fair Trade chocolate bar


(Opening Theme - See footnote for how to obtain sounds)

Voice Over: Mates is filmed in front of congregations who've got wind ... of a party!

Tom Enters

Tom: Great news guys - look in The Gazette'!

Lucy-Ann: (looks at paper). Well, would you believe it! [Your Town Here] comes in first place in the 'highest number of people called Tom league tables!'

Tom: And I'm one of the people that have made it possible, because I'm called Tom! Aren't I clever!

Sarah: Well, not really. Even [Name of a member of the congregation]'s cleverer than you!

Tom: Yeah, well he's not called Tom, is he?

Sarah: Well, no, but ...

Tom: And I've been invited to a party at the Tom Thompson Hall in town! I got the invitation this morning from Miss Cynthia Print. 

Lucy-Ann: Let's see it then. 

Tom: Here it is. (Pulls invitation out). 

Lucy-Ann: (Reading) Dear Tom, to celebrate being called Tom, we'd like to invite you to a party. It's at 7.30 at 'The Tom Thompson hall' on Saturday, the (aside) oh, it's today! (Reading again) You are welcome to bring two friends. Tickets are attached. We look forward to seeing you! 

Sarah: Which friends are you going to bring with you, Tom? 

Tom: Well, I suppose that you two will do! 

Sarah: Gosh - look at the time! It's time for the party. Doesn't time fly when you want to cut out the boring parts of flatmate's lives! 

(Change to outside the Tom Thompson Hall) 

Ticket: (Deadpan - Tom Ticket is boring!) Good evening people, I'm Tom Ticket, pleased to meet you, etcetera (He says "etcetera"). Show me your ticket and tell me your name. It's needed for Health and safety. 

Tom: Here's my ticket and my name's Tom. 

Ticket: Good. What about you two. Are you two called Tom? 

Sarah and Lucy-Ann: Uh, no! 

Ticket: Then I'm afraid you cannot enter. Only people called Tom can enter. It should have said on the ticket but our secretary, Miss Print left it off. It was a miss print. 

Lucy-Ann: So you're discriminating against us because of our name? 

Ticket: Yes. (To Tom) Are you going in? 

Tom: Yes. (To girls) See ya! (He exits with Tom Ticket). 

Sarah: Gosh, how unfair - We miss out because of our names! 

Lucy-Ann: Not very nice of Tom to leave us like that either! 

Sarah: What's that down the road? 

Lucy-Ann: It's another party, celebrating Mr C. H. Ocolate's 300th Birthday! 

Sarah: I've heard about him! He invented Chocolate! 

Lucy-Ann: Look at that banner! It say's EVERYONE is welcome - Chocolate galore! 

Sarah: Let's go! 

(Appear at Chocolate party)

Lucy-Ann: Here we are! 

Sarah: Look at all that Chocolate! Tom would be jealous if he was here! 

Tom: No I wouldn't, because I am here! 

Sarah: But I thought you were at that Toms only party! 

Tom: Yes but when I thought about it, I realised that it was unfair to not welcome everybody and I thought about how lonely you'd be standing out in the streets getting Frostbite and I said to myself, "This is totally unfair! I will leave!"

Lucy-Ann: You're being more sensitive than usual, Tom! (Sceptically) What's the real reason? 

Tom: I heard that they were giving out Fair Breaks - Delicious Fair Trade Chocolate Bars! They're my favorite! 

Sarah: (Pleasantly) Ah, That's typical of you, Tom, putting chocolate first. Mind you, It is brilliant to be somewhere where we're all welcome. 

(Boom Bam Boom Boom Sound) 

Voice Over: Will [Your Town] ever come in first place in the "highest number of people called Tom league tables"
Will there ever be a "highest number of people called Tom league table"? And will Tom ever give us Free Fair Breaks?
Find out next time on Mates!

(Closing theme) 


© Tom Bullock (et al). All rights reserved
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