Just A Minute

by Joanne Miller


A woman is trying to get her husband to leave his teamís big game and come with her to their parents wedding anniversary.  He convinces her to go ahead without him, promising to be ďright behind herĒ.  She calls him on his cell phone a couple of times only to discover that he is still watching the game.




Dawn: Come on, Ken, weíre going to be late!

Ken: Iím coming, Iím coming.  Just let me see this one last playÖOh, wow!  Itís a tie game!  I canít believe it!

Dawn: (sarcastic) I canít believe it either.  Now come on, letís go.

Ken: I canít leave now!  Dawn, donít you realize that if my team wins this one weíll be in the Super Bowl for the first time in 15 years?

Dawn: Ken, if you make me late for this evening you wonít live to see the Super Bowl.  Now come on; you can listen in the car.

Ken: No, I canít.  I have to see this.  Iíll tell you what, you go on ahead, and Iíll come in just a couple of minutes when I see which team wins.

Dawn:  Ken!

Ken: Just go and tell them I was held up, but Iíll be there very soon.

Dawn: I donít want to go by myself, Ken!

Ken: You wonít be by yourself, youíll know everyone there and Iíll be right behind you.  I promise.

Dawn: I donít like this.

Ken: I donít like it either, honey, but I wonít be long.  I promise.  Now go so at least one of us is there.

Dawn: All right, but you had better be right behind me!

Ken: I will be.  I will be. (Ken gently pushes Dawn out the door.)

(Ken sits with a coke and begins to cheer for his team.)

Ken: Come on, you guys, you can do it.  Get him! Come on get him!  All right!  A sack! Thatís great.  Now just hold them and youíll get the ball back.  No, Thompson (substitute your playerís name) not that way.  You know heís going to fake to the right!  Heís been doing it the whole game.  Where have you been, Thompson?  The rest of the world knows heís going to fake to the right and you donít know it?  Get your head in the game, Thompson!  OK, OK thatís it Ė no first down.  Thatís great.  Now all you guys have got to do is get close enough for a field goal and WEíRE IN THE SUPER BOWL!  Thatís it.  Go Stevens (substitute your playerís name) go, go.  Oh, man!  Itís all right, though, you got a first down.  Now be careful.  Donít throw this game away.

(Kenís cell phone rings.  Ken answers it without taking his eyes off the screen.)

Ken: Hello.

Dawn: (heard over sound system) Ken, where are you?  Everyone else is here.  Are you in your car?

Ken: Uh Ö almost.

Dawn: Almost!  What do you mean almost?

Ken: Iím uh, Iím just getting my jacket.  Iíll be leaving in just a minute.

Dawn: Well, hurry up; everyone is waiting!

Ken: OK, Sweetheart, Iíll be right there.

(Ken has never taken his eyes off the screen.)

Ken: Yes! Yes! Yes!  Youíre in field goal range now!  Get Jacobs out there to kick it and weíre golden.  What are you doing?  A pass now?  Are you crazy, Williams?  Donít you want to go to the Super Bowl?  Oh, no Ė interception!  I canít believe it!  How can you be so stupid?  You donít deserve to be in the Super Bowl.  You are an amateur.  I canít believe theyíre paying you to do this!

(Cell phone rings again.)

Ken: Hello.

Dawn: Ken, you had better tell me youíre in your car.

Ken: Uh, uh, uh.

Dawn: Ken, if I have to come back there and get you itís not going to be a pretty sight.

Ken: No, no.  Iím coming.  Wouldnít miss it for the world.  Iíll be right there.

Dawn: Ken this is your parentís 25th wedding anniversary party and you are supposed to make the toast before dinner.  Everyoneís here. The food is ready and we are all waiting for you!
Ken: Iím on my way.

Dawn: Youíd better be if you know whatís good for you.

(Ken hangs up phone and cheers for his team again.)

Ken: All right!  A turnover!  Way to go!  Now letís bring it on home, you guys.  You can do it.  A touchdown, a field goal Ė I donít care; just do it!  Yes, yes, yes Ė a gain of 20 yards!  OK, Williams now donít take any chances.  Just play it safe and get this game over with.

(Cell phone rings again.  Ken doesnít answer it but stuffs it under a pillow.  It continues to ring as lights fade.)

Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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