By Lachlan Meurer


Four close friends are separated on the cusp of High School. They vow to remain friends no matter where they live and to meet up again after school. Fifteen years later the four of them reunite by chance on a plane on a trip to Los Angeles. During a stop over in Hawaii each of them reveal how life hasn't really been what they had expected or hoped it to be.
Note: This play was written for an audience of 16+ as it deals with some pretty big issues. Ultimately it looks at how God is the only one in life who always cares. It also deals with cultural relevance, virginity and bisexuality (all in a Christian context), but keep your audience in mind when performing this. Basically nothing that isn't addressed in any school playground (or classroom) today. It's challenging, funny and hopefully touching.


Charlie Cooper: The peace keeper and one who wants so much to keep the friendships alive. Kind, sincere and slightly intimidated by Isaiah.
Isaiah Grace: "Full On" Pastor who has global speaking engagements but has little idea what to do when faced with Fred. Loves the Lord sincerely but has lost touch with the real world to a great extent.
Fred Stinky / Willoughby Darcy Bingly: Changed his name at 19. Sarcastic but nice, burnt by the church and reveals in Act 4 that he is actually bisexual.
Alex King: restaurant owner of "Hot Steppers". Hurt by others not keeping in touch but tries to get over it.

Scene Summary

Act 1 - In the playground (All four as kids)
Act 2 - 15 years later - On the plane (Charlie, Sai and Willow)
Act 3 - At "Hot Steppers" (Charlie, Sai and Alex)
Act 4 - On a beach (Willow & Charlie)
Act 5 - At "Hot Steppers" (Alex & Willow, with others at end)



(ALEX, FRED, CHARLIE and ISAIAH are playing armies. Music for Mission: Impossible playing. They are pretending to shoot each other. They play for about 15-30 seconds before dialogue starts.)

FRED: I got you Isaiah Grace. You're dead!

ISAIAH: In your dreams.

FRED'S MUM (VO): Fredrick Linky you have 5 minutes!

ALEX: I can't believe you have to go.

ISAIAH: What's high school going to be like without Stinky Slinky?

CHARLIE: We'll be in touch all the time won't we.

FRED. Of course we will. I wish dad didn't have to move.

ISAIAH: Alex, are your parents still sending you to the Catholic School?

ALEX: Yeah. But I'll still play with you guys all the time. I'll just go to school there, but nothing else will change.

CHARLIE: I know, when we finish school we can all live together in an apartment.

ALEX: Let's all move to Sydney and we'll have a place…

FRED: And we can have a big screen TV with Nintendo hooked up to it…

CHARLIE: And we can watch movies all the time…

ISAIAH: It will be great. We can all go to the same church together. We could even be running it one day!

FRED: We'll run it together, Sai!

CHARLIE: We will always be friend's guys.

ALEX: Right! Nothing will change.

CHARLIE: I promise. (Spits on his hands and puts his hand in the middle). Friends forever?

ALEX: Friends forever.

ISAIAH: Friends forever. Nothing can change this.

CHARLIE: See you in Sydney.

(Fade out)


Act 2 - On the plane - 15 years later

(Willoughby (Fred) is sitting on the plane already; he is reading a magazine on his lap. He is casually flipping through it. There are two seats across the aisle. ISAIAH and CHARLIE enter the plane.)

ISAIAH: …and so naturally she said it was okay, so I'm pumped.

CHARLIE: This is such a spin out, seeing you.

ISAIAH: I know, I think it was meant to be.

(They put their luggage in the compartment above them.)

CHARLIE: Do you want the aisle seat or do you not care?

ISAIAH: Actually I prefer not to have the aisle seat. With my long legs I get sick of people wanting to get out all the time to go to the Jon.

(WILLOUGHBY sees the other two and holds the magazine up to his face.)

CHARLIE: Well that suits me.

(They sit down.)

CHARLIE: I got your Christmas card last year. I didn't get round to sending any last year. I was working right up till Christmas.

ISAIAH: Did you like the picture of our family on the front?

CHARLIE: Yeah, did you do that on your computer?

ISAIAH: On my dad's. Julie and I talked my dad to get one made for the church.

CHARLIE: We seem to keep running into each other every few years in the most random places. MacDonalds….

ISAIAH: Hillsong conference…

CHARLIE: And now getting our boarding passes on this plane going to Spiritfest. I can't believe you're speaking at it. In LA!

ISAIAH: Yeah, it's a good opportunity. I get sick of the travel but it's good to go. Pastor Peter wanted me to go. Jules wasn't happy but she understands.

CHARLIE: Have you heard from any of the crew from high school?

ISAIAH: I bumped into Max a while ago at a servo, actually about 3 years ago now. He was getting married.

CHARLIE: I was thinking about school the other day.

ISAIAH: Linky Linky bottom Stinky!

WILLOUGHBY: Hi guys (not looking up).

(CHARLIE and ISAIAH are stunned. They look around to see who said it.)

CHARLIE: Fred Linky?




CHARLIE: You are Fred Linky, I remember that smirk.

WILLOUGHBY: I was Fred Linky.

(ISAIAH and CHARLIE look at each other confused.)

CHARLIE: Well he's still a bloke… he hasn't changed into Fredrika…

WILLOUGHBY: Willoughby actually. Willoughby Darcy Bingley. Linky stinky… (chuckles to himself)

CHARLIE: This is so cool, I can't believe it's you, Fred.

WILLOUGHBY: Willoughby.

CHARLIE: Willoughby

ISAIAH: So you changed your name…

WILLOUGHBY: It would appear so.


WILLOUGHBY: Linky stinky?


WILLOUGHBY: You two are strangers to me, why should I say.

ISAIAH: We are hardly strangers Fr - Wills.

WILLOUGHBY: Willow or Willoughby. Don't talk to me if you can't get it right.

ISAIAH: You have issues; do you still go to church?

WILLOUGHBY: You're still a virgin, aren't you?

ISAIAH: I'm married and have been for five years.

WILLOUGHBY: You lot do marry young, don't you.

ISAIAH: What is that supposed to mean?

CHARLIE: Don't Isaiah. Don't cause a ruckus. (To WILLOUGHBY) It's good to see you again. I've often wondered what happened to you.


ISAIAH: (To Charlie) Why Willoughby, it's such a poofy name.

CHARLIE: We have a long flight ahead of us.

ISAIAH: (to Willoughby) I guess you're not going to Spiritfest?

WILLOUGHBY: Sherlock Holmes.

ISAIAH: You've changed a lot since school.

WILLOUGHBY: ( presses a button to get a stewardess.) And you have not. Most children grow up to be adults.

CHARLIE: Okay okay. Quit it Sia.

ISAIAH: You look miserable and unfulfilled.

WILLOUGHBY: Pot, kettle, black.

ISAIAH: I'm so glad you won those tickets. Otherwise I would have been stuck with him the whole way.

CHARLIE: (Trying to change the subject - to ISAIAH) I have never won anything in my life. Have you ever been to LA?

ISAIAH: Yeah, last year with Pastor Peter to an evangelism and tolerance conference. It was life changing.

CHARLIE: I can't wait. I've never flown further than Thailand. I went on a mission's trip there once.

ISAIAH: Nice. I ran a conference there last year, too. I don't mean to big note myself, sorry if it sounds it. I'm just telling you.

CHARLIE: I need earphones so I can listen to the in-flight music.

ISAIAH: I have done this enough times to bring my own. It's the new Delirious album. I might have a listen to it now, do you mind.

CHARLIE: Go right ahead. I've got a book.

(CHARLIE pulls out "To kill a mockingbird" and starts reading.)



(WILLOUGHBY points to his book.)

CHARLIE: I've never read it before.

WILLOUGHBY: Jane Austin.

CHARLIE: The author?

WILLOUGHBY: I have a life long love affair with her stories.

CHARLIE: Ah, thus your name.

(WILLOUGHBY smiles.)

CHARLIE: I think Atticus Finch should be Prime Minister. (Awkward pause.) Do you know what I always remember about you?

WILLOUGHBY: My chiselled features.

CHARLIE: Aside from that.

(WILLOUGHBY looks slightly relaxed.)

CHARLIE: Through Europe and America, there's a growing feeling of hysteria

Conditioned to respond to all the threats…

Both: From the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets. Mr GOOSE-CHOFF says we will…

WILLOUGHBY: Carry you?

CHARLIE: Bury you, I think.

WILLOUGHBY: We will bury you; I don't subscribe to that point of view.

Both: Such an ignorant thing to do, If the Russians love their children too.

CHARLIE: We used to love that song.


CHARLIE: Me too. Sting's a legend.

WILLOUGHBY: I was only 19.

CHARLIE: Redgum! I love that song, too.

WILLOUGHBY: No, that's how old I was.

CHARLIE: When you what.

WILLOUGHBY: When I got tired of Stinky Linky.

CHARLIE: Fairly dramatic move, isn't it.



ISAIAH: Did you pray about that name change? I know your parents prayed about the name they gave you.

WILLOUGHBY: Did you pray about that shirt you are wearing today?

ISAIAH: What's wrong with the shirt?

CHARLIE: Are you having a stop over in Hawaii?

WILLOUGHBY: (Hesitantly) maybe.

CHARLIE: Come have a meal with us tonight.

ISAIAH: (Stirring) I'll be there.

WILLOUGHBY: Can I bring my girlfriend? Your mother said she wanted to see you.

(ISAIAH goes to say something but he cant think of anything, so he puts his earphones on, defeated.)

CHARLIE: Hot Steppers on Honolulu Bvrd, 7pm. Please come for old time's sake?

(Fade out. )


ACT 3.

(Hot Steppers. CHARLIE and ISAIAH are seated at the restaurant.)

ISAIAH: Fancy assuming I was a virgin. The nerve.

CHARLIE: How strange was it seeing him again?

ISAIAH: He's so weird. I always thought out of all of us Fred and I would be the ones to go into ministry. To really make it. It's different for me than it is to you.

CHARLIE: Just try and be nice to him, for old time's sake. You'll probably never see him again.

ISAIAH: We'll I'm believing for his salvation, aren't you.

CHARLIE: Oh yes.

(ALEX, manager of the restaurant walks by.)

ISAIAH: Hey, I know it's because we've been thinking of them, but doesn't that person look like Alex?

CHARLIE: Is it him?

(ALEX walks back and looks at them as he walks by. CHARLIE jumps up.)

CHARLIE: 'Scuse me. Are you Alex King?

ALEX: Yes, the manager. You look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?

ISAIAH: Roden Primary School?

ALEX: Oh my Lord, ISAIAH Grace and CHARLIE…

CHARLIE: Cooper.

ALEX: Look, let me put this down and I'll come and have a chat with you. Divine. What are you drinking… red or white?


ISAIAH: Oh I don't drink.

ALEX: Oh, how about a virgin cocktail.

ISAIAH: (Uncomfortably) Yes.

(ALEX leaves.)

CHARLIE: Just a coincidence.

ISAIAH: You're the only virgin left amongst us, I'm sure.

CHARLIE: When Fred gets here we'll be all together for the first time in fifteen years. That's amazing.

ISAIAH: I wonder if Fred will come.

CHARLIE: After your display today Sai….

ISAIAH: I know. I just don't know what to say in situations like that.

CHARLIE: At school you think that you and your friends are the exceptions, you'll be the ones that stay friends. You will never let each other down….

ISAIAH: Ah-hah, God is the only one who never lets you down.

CHARLIE: Don't say that so flippantly.

(ALEX returns.)

ALEX: Stumpy and Coops!!!

(ISAIAH stands up and gives ALEX a hug. )

ISAIAH: Kingsy. It's been a while. What are you doing here?

(They all sit down.)

CHARLIE: How did you end up here?

ALEX: The brief story? I was running a restaurant in Gosford when my Uncle died and he owned this place and he left it to moi! Outstanding!

ISAIAH: Stinky Linky was on the plane, too. He's apparently coming.

ALEX: Ahh, outstanding. And you two, what are you doing. Sai?

ISAIAH: I'm the youngest pastor ever in Sydney. The church is growing and I have a speaking engagement at a youth conference in LA.

ALEX: Good money?

ISAIAH: It's done with a love offering, but I rarely leave without a couple of grand.

ALEX: Outstanding!

CHARLIE: Really?

ISAIAH: About that.

ALEX: Coopsy?

CHARLIE: Ahhhh, still a student I'm afraid. I travelled after school and worked in Ecuador for a year.

ALEX: That would have paid a mint.

CHARLIE: Oh, actually it was volunteer.

ALEX: Outstanding. This place is amazing. I get all sort of people in here. Mick Jagger, Lindsay Lohan and last week I had the cast of "Lost" here.

CHARLIE: You've done well for yourself.

ALEX: Haven't I just. Look how is, what's her name, your sister.

CHARLIE: Wendy. Um fine, working as teache -

ALEX (over his shoulder): WHAT ARE YOU DOING? That is the worst lobster presentation I have ever seen. Take it back and try again. Sorry. Isaiah, where did you get that shirt.

ISAIAH (flattered): Oh it's Versace.

ALEX: Outstanding colour on you.

ISAIAH: So Alex, are you happy?

ALEX: Absolutely. This is the most perfect place to be. It's a paradise. You?

ISAIAH: I wake up every morning so excited about my day. I am just so happy to be alive. Excited to see what God is going to do.

ALEX: Divinely said. Charlie?

CHARLIE: Ah…. Yeah. Life's tough but yeah I'm happy.

ALEX: Look, I'm flying out tomorrow to LA as wel-. (stops, then continues) There's a big wedding that certain stars are talking about having here.


ALEX: That would be telling, but it will make Brad and Jennifer's look mighty shabby.

ISAIAH: Now we know you live in Hawaii, we have somewhere to stay.

ALEX: Of course you must. I know people who can give you a good price on accommodation.

CHARLIE: Come early and we can all sit together.

ALEX: Delightful.

CHARLIE: Look Alex, I'm sorry we never really kept in touch like we said we would.

ALEX: Oh Coopsy the past is the past. It makes us who we are. (pause) It's fine!

CHARLIE: Well, I'm sorry anyway.

ALEX: Look I gotta run, say hi to Stinky Linky for me. It's a ball see you all. (Turns and walks away). The whole thing has been…. (CHARLIE and ISAIAH mouth it as ALEX says it:) Outstanding!

CHARLIE: That was weird. He's changed a fair bit.

ISAIAH: I'm starting to think we all have.

CHARLIE: Wonder what happened to Willow.


ISAIAH: I was not being flippant, Charlie.

CHARLIE: You just say some of the most important things in the universe like it's a nice easy Christian cliché. Like "I wake up every morning and thank God", and especially "Gods the only one who never lets me down". This is serious stuff.

ISAIAH: Brendan was in a horrible accident.

CHARLIE: Your brother? When?

ISAIAH: Two years ago this June.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry, Isaiah, is he okay now.

ISAIAH: Brendo is a champion. He is the most motivated person I had ever known. He became a doctor, as you know, and on holidays would scale mountains.

CHARLIE: So you two get on better these days?

ISAIAH: He is my hero. As much as you can have a hero that isn't a Christian. He was helping a friend of his move one weekend and he slipped while carrying a box and fell down into a basement. He landed on his head.

CHARLIE: My goodness…

ISAIAH: He was in a coma for three weeks. I was at his bed side praying with him every day. We went out that first night with Mum and Dad and Jules and it was one of those "Well he lived a good life" conversations. Every night I said "God, if you have ever answered a prayer, answer this one. Don't let him die. Don't let him go. Don't let him die without knowing you. Take me, please, I know where I am going, but please take me instead. I want a miracle."


ISAIAH: Jules didn't want to ever talk about it. And I did. She couldn't cope and that really wasn't what I need. One night I got a call from the hospital saying he had opened his eyes. I went and mum and dad weren't there yet. I looked straight at him and thanked him for holding on and that God loved him enough to keep him. He smiled and then…. died. Right then. I don't know what that smile meant. That I do know of, there are five members of my family now coming to church. Five who never would have otherwise. I didn't say it flippantly. I know God is the only one who never lets me down. Even when I thought I knew best.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry Sia. I didn't know. I would have been there.

ISAIAH: (shaking his head.) It doesn't matter Charlie. All my friends said the wrong things anyway. The one who said I lacked faith for him was my personal favourite. Everyone lets you down eventually.

CHARLIE: Except God.

ISAIAH: Except God, even when you think you know best, he still does.

(Fade out.)


Act 4 - On the Beach.

(WILLOUGHBY is sitting on the sand staring at the waves on one side of the stage.)

(CHARLIE comes on, not looking for him and doesn't see him at first.)

CHARLIE: There is nothing more relaxing than a beach at night God thank you. It always reminds me of how big you are. (Takes shoes off).It's so rare I get to do this.

(Charlie strolls and sees WILLOUGHBY.)

CHARLIE: Willow?


CHARLIE: We missed, well I missed you tonight. You know the restaurant we went to, it's owned by Alex King. Remember Alex?

WILLOUGHBY: You don't say.

(CHARLIE sees that WILLOUGHBY is not quite so excited.)

CHARLIE: Do you mind if I stare at the water with you.

(WILLOUGHBY doesn't react. CHARLIE sits down next to him.)

CHARLIE: Now I know you fancy Jane Austin, but why Willoughby Darcy Bingley?

WILLOUGHBY: I think I'm a bit of each.

CHARLIE: In that case I think I should change my name to Harrison Pitt Cruise.

(WILLOUGHBY smirks.)

WILLOUGHBY: You never wrote me.

CHARLIE: I know.

WILLOUGHBY: Like Darcy, once my good opinion of you is lost, it is lost forever.

CHARLIE: You didn't write to me either.

WILLOUGHBY: I was the lonely one. (pause) Why are you doing this?


WILLOUGHBY: Sitting here trying to talk to me.

CHARLIE: Because we used to be friends. I don't let go of that easily.

WILLOUGHBY: Obviously.

CHARLIE: We have one night here, and I think I'll regret it if I don't spend it chatting to you.

WILLOUGHBY: Trying to save my soul you mean.

CHARLIE: Or perhaps its just I'll regret it if I don't spend it chatting with you. It's nothing more sinister. All I want form you is your company.

WILLOUGHBY: What about that bigot Isaiah?

CHARLIE: He's gone to call his wife.


WILLOUGHBY: I'm pretty dynamic.

CHARLIE: If I wanted that I'd have followed Sai.

WILLOUGHBY: Did you know I appreciate all of Gods creation?

CHARLIE: Me too. I love…

WILLOUGHBY: I mean I bat for both teams Charlie. I appreciate all Gods humans.

(Awkward pause)

CHARLIE: Since when?


CHARLIE: I like girls.

WILLOUGHBY: I figured as much.

CHARLIE: You make it sound as if that's a bad thing.

WILLOUGHBY: I think most people are like me, they just don't want to admit it.

CHARLIE: That sounds like something Freud would say.

WILLOUGHBY: You know, no matter how much you pray for me I'm never going to be a Christian. This is me now - forever. I'm not the 'prodigal son'. So I don't know why you bother -

CHARLIE: Give it a rest Willow, you are so defensive. What have Christians done to you in your life to make you so angry?

WILLOUGHBY: You have no idea.

CHARLIE: Try me.


WILLOUGHBY: I went to a religious group until I was 19. I was heavily involved and followed almost everything that my leaders said because that's what they expected of me. Basically if they said it, it may as well have been the voice of God. I started to feel myself curious about other blokes and I went to them for help. They said to go away and pray about it. That was there stunning advice. As if I hadn't prayed about it already!

CHARLIE: I guess some things just don't instantly disappear with prayer.

WILLOUGHBY: But that's what I was taught. Then one evening my brother had a big fight with the leaders. Harry wanted to walk this girl home around the block because she wanted to hear about Jesus. They said no it would look bad and there was no one else who could go with them. Harry ran out disillusioned and crying and I went out after him. They called me back and they said…


WILLOUGHBY: They said I had to choose God or my family. I had to put God above my own brother who had run half way across town at 11 o'clock at night.

CHARLIE: What did you do?


CHARLIE: Was he alright?

WILLOUGHBY: Physically. It's only been in the last couple of years that we've been able to talk about it though.

CHARLIE: Men do not always speak the words of God, even pastors and leaders.

WILLOUGHBY: So I discovered. A week later, I heard the sister of one of them call me, behind my back, Kinky Linky. So I never went back.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry, Willow. Church and God are not interchangeable.

WILLOUGHBY: So you are still religious then?

CHARLIE: Yeah, I'm still a Christian. People suck. People seriously let you down. Even Christians, in fact maybe even Christians more so because there are so much higher expectations on Christians.


CHARLIE: God still loves you whether you are Fred, Willoughby, straight, queer or somewhere in-between. He doesn't change. You are still loved by Him.

WILLOUGHBY: Are you trying to convert me?

CHARLIE: Telling you the truth.

WILLOUGHBY: So let me hear now about your squeaky clean existence since I saw you last.

CHARLIE: Assume a lot.

WILLOUGHBY: I'm right though aren't I? I'm the one who is the wild child.

CHARLIE: I've made my mistakes.

WILLOUGHBY: Did you buy a scratchie one day?

CHARLIE: Willoughby, everyone has skeletons in their closet. The longer I live the more sure of that I am. It's how you deal with it. I'm not a virgin. So I'm 27 and not a virgin. If I wasn't a Christian people would not be shocked, but for a kid who has grown up in the church and always been in the public eye, it's a skeleton. Sex has been my Achilles heel, so to speak. And I've prayed God will take away the memories and the desire, and he does not.

WILLOUGHBY: I hear you.

CHARLIE: I've heard some people say it's just life and you live and you learn. Or it's a phase we all must go through. I know I made a choice. I knew right from wrong and I made my choice. I make no excuses and I go back to the one who made me and ask Him to fix my mess. And he does.

WILLOUGHBY: You know, it's funny. When you're a kid you have such an idealistic view of the world. Everything is black and white. Then you wake up one day and you realise that you've pushed away those ideals for other things. Ego, money….


WILLOUGHBY: And on a night like this you wonder was it worth it. Life was so simple.

CHARLIE: I know what you mean. (pause) Do you have any kids?

WILLOUGHBY: So, no. I don't want to bring any kids into this world. So, you sex maniac, what about you (with a smirk)?

CHARLIE: I didn't say that. No. I'd like to have kids, though. They remind you of what we were just saying, that life is simple.

WILLOUGHBY: Ideals are good until you realise life is not black and white. People aren't good or bad. People are good and bad.

CHARLIE: I think you're right. Perhaps even Isaiah?

WILLOUGHBY: (with a smirk) Except for Isaiah.

CHARLIE: It's tough. Life.


WILLOUGHBY: You let me down when none of you contacted me past Year 8.

CHARLIE: I'm sorry.

WILLOUGHBY: I'm gonna go for a skinny dip. Wanna come?

CHARLIE: Ah no. I gotta get back.

WILLOUGHBY: Thanks for the stroll back in time.

CHARLIE: See you on the plane?

WILLOUGHBY just smiles and leaves.

Act 5: Hot steppers. Closing time.

(ALEX is sitting on his own in the restaurant, thinking. CHARLIE has left his jacket there. WILLOUGHBY enters.)

ALEX: Hey Willow, eat somewhere else tonight?

WILLOUGHBY: (sitting down) You know I don't eat your murderous meat dishes or your lame excuse for a vegetarian lasagne.

ALEX: They came. I tried to look surprised.

WILLOUGHBY: Yeah, I know. I saw Charlie on the beach.

ALEX: I thought ISAIAH was quite personable.

WILLOUGHBY: Compared to Mr Burns.

(Pause. ALEX just smiles.)

WILLOUGHBY: How do you feel about tomorrow?

ALEX: I've been there before. Doctors and tests and all that stuff. I try not to think about it.

WILLOUGHBY: The Big day in June?

ALEX: Yeah June… week after my birthday, so June 23.

WILLOUGHBY: Did you tell the other two?

(ALEX gives a "as if" look.)

ALEX: You have been a pretty crappy friend over the years Willow, but I'm glad you're coming with me tomorrow.

WILLOUGHBY: Well, it's a free trip to LA. (pause) Did you find out if it was in your family history?

ALEX: Great Grandpa on my dad's side.

WILLOUGHBY: What did you talk about with the others?

ALEX: Oh we just chatted, Sai showed off, Charlie apologized for not keeping in touch and I said it was fine, which it is.


ALEX: Of course it is. What happens in your life makes you who you are.

WILLOUGHBY: Hurts though.

ALEX: Of course, but you deal with it. Forgive!

WILLOUGHBY: But you haven't forgotten.


WILLOUGHBY: Neither have I.

ALEX: Year 7 was fine. We hung out a fair bit on afternoons and weekends. Then Charlie got a girlfriend. Do you remember the first time your best friend got a girlfriend?

WILLOUGHBY: I think it's a universal situation. Suddenly you are not so interesting.

ALEX: You just can't compete with a really good snog.

WILLOUGHBY: I offered.

ALEX: Anyway, the weekends became increasingly rare. Isaiah came over a few times but he was off with the other DIG JAMS.

(WILLOUGHBY looks up confused.)

ALEX: DIG JAM. Damn I'm Good, Just Ask Me.

WILLOUGHBY: Oh I don't think he ever left that group.

ALEX: I got a girlfriend soon after that, so I didn't care.

WILLOUGHBY: Ugly liar.

ALEX: Much. I think it's just the nature of the beast. 12 year old boys can promise friendship but bring in testosterone and they are incapable of keeping those sincere thoughts.

WILLOUGHBY: They are controlled by a greater thought.

ALEX: So you just get over it somehow. But I find that very lonely.

WILLOUGHBY: Well, I'm here now.

ALEX: You're here now.

WILLOUGHBY: Because you're such a shocking host I'm getting myself a drink. Want one?

ALEX: Ahh, Diet Coke.

WILLOUGHBY: That's a carcinogenic isn't it?

ALEX: Too late.

(ISAIAH and CHARLIE enter.)

CHARLIE to WILLOW: What are you doing here?

WILLOUGHBY: You told me he was here. I had to see it myself.

ISAIAH: Charlie left this coat here.

WILLOUGHBY: Miss me tonight, Sai?

ISAIAH: Yes I did, Willoughby, and so does Jesus.

WILLOUGHBY: I had company, do you remember what that is like?

ISAIAH: Look Willoughby, Charlie is the only virgin here.

(CHARLIE and WILLOUGHBY give a knowing look to each other.)

WILLOUGHBY: (to ALEX) His mother's a nice lady.

ALEX: Outstanding!

(ALEX stands up and gives CHARLIE his jacket. There is an awkward pause.)

CHARLIE: This is awkward.

ALEX: Here we are.

WILLOUGHBY: Aren't we just.

CHARLIE: Look, has too much water passed under the bridge? Do we just turn around and walk out?

ALEX: We are all such different people now.

WILLOUGHBY: I hate us for what we did to each other.

ISAIAH: I think we set ourselves up for this.

WILLOUGHBY: You're right.

(ISAIAH can't believe that WILLOUGHBY agreed with him.)

ALEX: We are just selfish humans. Always will be.

WILLOUGHBY: I don't think there are any victims and perpetrators here. We all are. We all suck. Especially Alex.

ALEX: Especially me.

CHARLIE: That doesn't excuse what we all did…

WILLOUGHBY: No it doesn't.

CHARLIE: Good thing we have a God who is faithful, cause no one on earth is.

ISAIAH: And I think that's the only think that makes this life bearable.

ALEX: I thought you just wake up every morning and praise God for a new day.

ISAIAH: That's why.

ALEX: (starting to leave) I know a place to get a serious latte that should still be open.

CHARLIE: I'm in.


ISAIAH: I love a serious latte.

(They are nearly off the stage. Willoughby pulls ISAIAH to the side.).

WILLOUGHBY: Oh, by the way, Alex is dieing and I'm bi. You've got a lot of work to do.

(They look to ALEX who nods his head emphatically.)

ALEX: (points to Willoughby) It's true. I think were gonna need that latte.

(ALEX, WILLOUGHBY and ISAIAH leave the stage.)

CHARLIE: It's good to see you guys again.

Fade out.


Copyright Lachlan Meurer, all rights reserved. This script may be used without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for admission to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. He may be contacted at