The Chat Room

By Glenn A. Hascall


Two users in a chat room are discussing the latest on-line petitions to help restore morality to the culture. On-line addiction is alluded to as is the need to interact with real people. Encourages the engaging of culture in more personal ways.


1,2,3 (Not gender specific - No spoken parts)

NOTE: All voices are off stage. Character on stage does not talk, but types during the vocal parts of # 2. The voices allow the audience to hear what is being played out in the chat room.


1: Did you get my email?

2: The one with the new petition - or the one about voting records?

1: The petition.

2: Sent it off to my entire address book.

1: Thanks. We can use all the help we can get.

2: What was it about again?

1: (Chuckles) Don 't tell me you didn't read it.

2: Well...not exactly. (Pause) So what was it about.

1: (Indignant) What was it about? (Angry) What was it about? (Pause - then questioning) What WAS it about? I m afraid I get so many of those things I just sign them and send them on their way.

2: Lots of laughs. I thought I was the only one.

1: Well it came from one of those watchdog organizations - so I figured it was best to sign it.

2: There's lots of bad things in our world right now - were just doing our bit.

1: So easy to do and it must be helping - I mean it has to be - right?

2: I was on a message board the other day and the things I learned there would curl your hair.

1: Oh, I know what you mean. I 've filled out so many on-line polls - just want to make my voice heard.

2: And there's lots of informative emails that I receive on the issues. A few clicks and I'm suddenly aware of so many things that I never would have known about before.

1: Where would we be without the computer?

2: (Pause) What do you mean?

1: The computer - its opened up whole new world.

2: I guess you're right.

1: Guess? What about that on-line Bible study - "The Cyber Christian in You."

2: Well that has been helpful in learning more about connecting with people on-line. But it seems like everyone is so agreeable.

1: I know - isn't it great? "I especially liked the email series on, "Finding the faithful with the fewest keystrokes." Brilliant.

2: I don't know - some days it seems like I don't have time for anything but the computer.

1: What else would you do?

2: (Pause) Maybe interfacing with people who have real faces.

1: Roll on the floor laughing.

2: No I'm serious. Maybe I've been spending too much time on-line and not enough time with people who know and love me - or around people I should know and chose to love.

1: Are you serious?

2: Yes.

1: You know, I like chatting with you but this idea is pretty radical if you ask me - you don't know what those people out there are like.

2: (Pause) Yeah, that's the point. (Gets up from the computer and walks off stage)

1: Laugh out loud. (Pause) Look, are we going to have to conduct an intervention here? (Long pause) Hello? (Pause) Hello.

3: User has signed off.

1: Don't leave me. (Pause) Alone. (Pause) Hello. (Sad) Hello?

Fade to black
Copyright 2004 by Glenn A. Hascall
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