Best Friend

By Joanne Miller


Monologue by a woman who had an illegitimate baby. Today is the birthday.  She is celebrating the day with her best friend: a bottle.


So, you want to be my friend, do you?  Well, I’ve already got a friend, a very good friend, a best friend.  (Picks up bottle) Why should I turn my back on this friend that I can see and feel and touch …. and taste (takes a drink of wine) for a friend that I can’t see or feel or touch?
My prim and proper sister, Shannon,  says I need you … says you’re the only one who can really help me.  What does she know about my life, anyway?  She’s always had it so easy.  She’s got a husband who adores her, three wonderful kids, a home in the suburbs.  Why she could give June Cleaver a run for her money.  Talk about easy street!!  She’s never had to spend a night on the streets.  She’s never had to beg anyone for money.  Of course, she never got involved with Johnny Claymore.  Why did I ever listen to that low down skunk.  He didn’t want anything good for me, just wanted to use me and leave me in the gutter.

I remember the day I told him I was pregnant.  (She laughs a bitter laugh)  I think that was the only time I ever saw him at a loss for words.  Don’t know why I even told him, should’ve known better.  What did I think he’d do for me?  Marry me and make a decent woman out of me?  That’s a laugh.  Although I do have to say he offered to help.  He said,  “That’s o.k., baby, I’ll give you the money for an abortion.”  What a jerk!  Just because I did whatever he wanted up to then, he thought I’d go along with him on that one, too.  What a shock for him!  Haven’t seen him for years, not since the baby was born.

Hey, friend, (gestures up to God) how is my baby anyway?  She’s six now, you know.  Wonder if she even knows her mother thinks about her all the time.  Wonder if she ever thinks about me.   Is she cute, God?  Does she look like me?  Is she safe, God?  Is she happy?   Today’s her birthday, did you know that God?  Is she having a party right now?

Well, I’m having a party, too.  A small party, just me and my best friend (holds up bottle).  What’s that you say?  You want to be my best friend?  Well, I already told you – I have a best friend already.  (Starts to pour another drink and realizes bottle is empty.  Starts to cry.)   But what good is a best friend that you have to buy everyday? (Puts head down and sobs.)

Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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