False Alarm

By Fred Lane


Two women work associates hear an explosion that puts them in a panic because they fear a terrorist attack It turns out to be a false alarm, but the experience causes them to talk about their abilities to be "heroes".




(Connie is seated at computer, typing)
Connie: (talking to the computer) I just donít get it, Bob...why canít you enter this stuff yourself instead of typing it on a separate sheet, giving it to me, and me typing it in...I guess you just need to give me more work....(disgustedly typing)
(Donna enters quickly with some papers in her hand and lays them on Connieís desk.)
Donna: Hereís some more of the data entry stuff from Bob....
Connie: (looks at Donna) Et tu Brute?
Donna: (pauses, looks surprised) What?
Connie: Never mind.
Connie: Bobís just loading me down with this ridiculous paper work that he should be doing...does it make any sense to you that this should be typed in twice? I mean what a waste of time...and money! Canít you say something to Alice about this?
(There is the sound of a lound bang, followed by flashing lights and an alarm. Both women instinctively try to hide.)
Donna: WHAT WAS THAT!!!!????
Connie (frightened) I donít know....
Donna: What should we do? Run?
PA voice: Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm. What you have just heard was a sonic boom caused by a supersonic jet. The boom cause our alarm to go off. There is nothing to fear, it was a false alarm. Please return to your work areas.
(Both women slowly look up,  around and at each other)
Donna: Are you all right?
Connie: YES, IíLL LIVE! ....Well, how do you like that...a sonic boom! Youíd think that the airforce or whoever did that would have better sense than scaring us to death this soon after the disaster in New York! (stands up, straightening and brushing out her clothes) I ought to call my congressman...he lives right down the street from me, you know!
Donna: Really...this is ridiculous!
(Both women shake their heads...Donna picks up the papers and nervously goes through them, Connie sits and resumes typing...after about 5 seconds of this, Connie stops typing and become reflective, staring at the monitor then at Donna.)
Connie: What would you have done if it had been a real attack?
Donna: (Still looking at the papers nervously) What? (surprised and frightened by Connieís question) What do you mean "what would I do?"
Connie: I mean what would you do? Would you run out of the building....
Donna: (cuts Connie off) You bet I would...Iíd probably the first one out...(looks at Connie) and you would do the same!
Connie: (looks at keyboard) Yeah, but would you run out without seeing if anyone needed help? (Looks up at Donna)
Donna: (back pedaling a little; grudgingly agrees) Well, yeah, Iíd look around to see if anyone needed help...around me...on my way out. (now more conciliatory, leans over a little to Connie) You know Iíd help you out...youíre my best friend...
Connie: (pauses, looks down then back at Donna) But what about the rest of the people...how about if they needed help...would you stop to help them, too?
Donna: (steps back, a little frustrated) Look, Connie, you know Iíd stop to help you and Iím sure that there would be other people to help the injured, okay? I mean, what do you want me to say? Youíre starting to scare me, you know!
Connie: (looks at Donna, reaches out her hand to Donna) Iím sorry, you really are my dearest friend, and I know that you would do anything to help me, but I just canít stop thinking about the New York disaster. (stands) If I had been in one of those buildings, what would I have done? Would I have stayed behind and tried to bring out as many people as I could? Would I have been like one of those brave firemen that went in those buildings and never made it out? Would I have given my life so someone else, someone that didnít even know me, so that person could live?


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: advpastor@gmail.com