The Shooting

By Julia Wheeler


A dramatic monologue reconstructing a courtroom drama in which the Judge's son takes your sentence. A modern retelling of what Jesus did for us.


Guy, Guard, Lawyer, Judge, Stranger.


Notes: Words in capitals are spoken by other parties. Words in italics are stage directions Words with * * are to be emphasised loudly. It should all be acted out as Guy says it.

Narrator: I am out one day, just walking down the street minding my own business when *woah* this crazy man comes out of nowhere! ([optional]Man comes in and two start to wrestle) He tries to steal my bag, but I hang on to it. He struggles over it, when he pulls out a gun! I try to take it off him, and it ends up in my hand. *BANG* I shoot him. He's dead.

Oh no, what have I done? I don't know what to do. I panic. I drop the gun. I try to run! But a cop appears and again I fight (Guard appears, arrests Guy) with him, but he arrests me. I'm dragged off to the police station (Guard does so and leaves) and thrown into jail, alone, abandoned, afraid.

(Judge stands on box in courtroom, stern expression on face. Guard/Lawyer is ready to follow instructions. After putting Guy in box should stand with head bowed until called upon as lawyer. Stranger is off screen)

The day of the trial comes and I'm taken into court and put into the witness box. I turn to the Judge and plead *Not guilty* but the Judge just stares coldly back. (Judge does so.) The lawyer for the prosecution has evidence! A video tape, he plays it to the court. (Lawyer waves video tape, puts it into tv and watches screen). And there is more, the gun I held. The lawyer shows the gun to the Judge (Lawyer takes gun to Judge) who looks at it and shakes his head. He turns to me and says: Judge: GUILTY. But before he can sentence me there is a commotion in the courtroom as a stranger runs forward and pushes me from the stand (Stranger does so, Guy falls to floor). He takes my place, and the Judge looks at me, at the stranger and says - Judge: I SENTENCE YOU TO DEATH. What? No - how is this happening? The Judge knows it was me, he knows I did it, this man is innocent - and yet … I am free. (Guy looks at hands, as though chains have fallen off) The guard takes the stranger out the box and leads him from the court. I grab him as he passes and ask (Guy on one knee, holding Strangers arm, Guard arm locked the other side to drag stranger away.) *Why, why did you do it?*. Stranger: BECAUSE I LOVE YOU he says.

Pause as guard drags stranger away. Head down. Then move forward to the opposite side of court (Judge still stays)

Later I overhear some people talking in the foyer. I'd seen them in the courtroom, they were talking about the case. They are saying that the stranger, the stranger was the Judge's son!! This is madness! He knowingly sentenced his own son…I have to know… amazed I run back to the court room, and ask the Judge, *What? Your own son? You knew I'd done it, you knew I was guilty. Your own son? Why, why did you do it?* Judge: BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, he says.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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