Good enough

By Julia Wheeler


A mime: Isn't being good, good enough to go to heaven? It doesn't matter what you've done, how many people you've helped, who you've been nice to - the only way you are going to get to heaven is through Jesus.


Angel, Jesus, Person trying to get to heaven, Christian, Old man


Scene: Jesus stands on the left, facing the audience with his arms out. An angel stands to the right, facing left further forward than Jesus.

Person trying to get into heaven walks on and suddenly dies dramatically in the middle of the stage. Lies still then just as suddenly wakes up again. She looks around bemused, and then spots the angel. Gets up and confidently walks over. Waves hello and tries to get in. The Angel blocks her path. She asks why she can't get in to heaven and the Angel asks what have you got?

She thinks about this, and then indicates herself. She is pretty, and wearing nice clothes, and smiles lots. The Angel looks at her and shakes his head.

She thinks some more, and then indicates how much money she has. She mimes her car, hair blowing in wind looking nice. She shows the money to the angel who shakes her head.

The girl thinks about it, and then realises something. She walks up to the audience with her money and starts to give it away. Really big and dramatically, she looks back at angel to say, look, see what I'm doing. Having given all the money away she walks back to the angel, and mimes can I get in? Angel shakes his head.

The girl is confused now. She scratches her head and wonders. The old man starts to shuffle slowly across the front, limping and making out how much pain he is in. The girl sees him, and thinks this must be it. She goes over, and helps the man to cross the stage. She keeps looking back at angel, to check he is watching. She hurries the man, who almost stumbles, and looks confused at being helped. He limps on his way as she returns to the angel. Again the angel shakes his head.

The girl thinks, then realises what it must be she needs. She makes the sign of the cross above her chest, and then starts to pray. She prays fervently, falls to her knees and waves her arms around in the air miming 'hallelujah' with her eyes shut. Eventually she stops and returns to the angel. The angel shakes his head.

The girl is very confused, and counts off on her fingers what she has tried, demonstrating them again. She starts to wander away from the angel looking mystified, when another person walks on. She stops on the far left and watches.

The Christian walks up to the angel. The angel stops him, and asks what has he got. The Christian indicates he has nothing, but turns and points at Jesus. The angel nods and steps away, letting the Christian walk past and enter heaven.


© Copyright Julia Wheeler, all rights reserved.
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