The Map

 By Fred Lane


Two girls, on a trip to the beach, discover that the map they have is useless. They decide to return and get a map that is more accurate.


(Scene: Two girls (Darlene and Sarah) are going to the beach for the day by car.  Neither one has ever driven there. Darlene is driving, and pretends to turn corners, etc)

Props:  two seats, a steering wheel, a large sheet of paper to use for a home-made map, beach towels, and any other beach props (like a beach bag).

(Sarah and Darlene are loading the imaginary car...)

Sarah:  I can't believe your dad let you take the car to the beach.  I think my dad would have a fit if I had asked him for the family car.

Darlene: Well, my dad lets me take it to school for the club meeting, but I was really surprised he let me go this far.

Sarah: I just think it's really cool.  (Sits in the Îcar') By the way, how far is it to the beach? (Talks as she gets herself settled in the car.)

Darlene: (Gets in the car) I don't know...maybe 20 or 30 miles.

Sarah:(With arms up in the air, snapping fingers ) Ooo! On our own and all day to play!

Darlene:(Starts the car and pretends to pull away from the curb as Sarah celebrates) Sarah, did you get the directions from your dad?

Sarah: (Somewhat absent-mindedly) dad had already left for work when I got up. You know, he leaves at 3 in the morning it seems, and he doesn't get home until after 9...

Darlene:(Cuts off Sarah, looking at her while trying to keep an eye on the road) SARAH....YOU DID GET DIRECTIONS, DIDN'T YOU?

Sarah...(Fakes being hurt) As a matter of fact, I DID! I got my BROTHER to make a map for me!

Darlene: (rolls her eyes and head) ..kidding me! Not Brad! You know Brad can't find his way out of the house, much less to the beach!

Sarah:  IIIII knowwwww...! But I didn't have any other choice! He was the only one home!

Darlene: Okay...get the map and tell me where to turn.

(Sarah bends over and searches for the map)

Sarah: (Opening map and speaking sarcastically) Okay...okay...let me see what my Ïwonderful brotherÓ has done here...

(Pause while Sarah tries to read the map...Allow the pause to get a little long)

Darlene: WELL, are you going to tell me, or what...

Sarah: (Still studying the map) is your house....(pause)...and here's the main road leading out of your neighborhood...(pause)...

Darlene (pretends to pull the car off the road and speaks as the car ÏstopsÓ) : Let me see the map! (grabs map)

Sarah: Hey! be careful!

Darlene (looks at map with growing disbelief; looks back and forth between Sarah and the map): Sarah, what is WRONG with your brother?! He's drawn it so ALL the roads START at my house and END at the beach!

Sarah: So, what's wrong with that?

Darlene: (staring at Sarah) Sarah, what is it with your family? Some kind of genetic thing?.... You can't possibly believe that all roads lead to the beach!

Sarah: (Sarah looks a little worried)Well, if we just drive down one of the main roads, we're bound to get to the beach sooner or later.

Darlene: (Head bobs as she says her name) SA-RAH, come on, get serious.  Don't you know that there is only one road that leads to the beach from here?  If you get on the other roads, you'll end up somewhere, but it won't be the beach. (Gives the map back to Sarah) Let me think what we can do......


Sarah: (looks at the map briefly, brightens up and looks at Darlene) I know, why don't we just try one of the roads.  I'm sure we'll see a sign or something.  Maybe we could stop along the way and get directions.

Darlene: So what happens if we are driving in the opposite direction from the beach? ...We could spend all day driving around and never make it to the beach!

Sarah: (Dejectedly) I guess you're right.


Sarah: I guess we'll have to go back home. I'll call my dad and get directions from him.

Darlene: Okay. And next time, make sure you get your directions from someone that knows how to get there!

(pretend to drive off, Sarah is looking at the map)


© Fred Lane, Crosswind Community Church, All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. He may be contacted at: