Slice-of-Life Dramas

In recent years, dramas which have come to be tagged "slice-of-life" have become popular in many churches.

These are short plays which generally deal with current issues. Frequently, they present an issue with no resolution to the story line. They often make no mention of God, or Christianity. So what place do they have in church?

This style of drama has been developed in conjunction with what are sometimes known as "seeker-sensitive" services : services which are aimed at people who do not have a church background. The services may feature contemporary music, use of multi-media, dance, drama, and messages on topical issues. In this style of service, the drama is usually presented in conjunction with the message, often to highlight an issue or raise a question which the message then answers. Because the message is effectively an extension of the drama, the play does not need to have a resolution (which might be contrived or difficult to convey within the constraints of the situation).

 The use of the term "drama" is generic. They are certainly not all serious; many are humorous, and may also use mime, dance and music. But whatever the vehicle, ultimately they aim to show that Jesus, the Bible and Christianity is very relevant to today.

One church which has pioneered the use of "slice-of-life" dramas is Willow Creek, near Chicago. (A catalogue of Willow Creek dramas can be found at Many of the scripts at the Dramatix site which you are currently visiting have been developed for Spreydon Baptist Church, Christchurch, New Zealand, which incorporates them into a "seeker-friendly" service on Sunday nights.

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