Three Wise Dudes - The Easter Encounter

By Vicki Reeves and John McNeil


Based on the Christmas play "Three Wise Dudes", by John McNeil. This Easter version traces the journey of Three other Dudes who did not make it to the Nativity in time to see the baby Jesus. Instead, they arrived some 33 years later. Many parts are suitable for younger children.


2 "older" angels
Several younger angels
3 Wise dudes 
5 Passers-by
Prime Minister's Press Secretary 
2 Body Guards 
2 Hotel receptionists
Jesus-freak youth
Voices for Scripture readings


Scene I
(In Heaven. A group of young angels are talking and laughing on one side of the stage. Angels 1 and 2 walk in from the other side.)
Angel 1: I saw you talking to Gabriel. Did he send you on an exciting mission? Can I come along?
Angel 2: You are welcome to come but I would not call it exciting. Have you seen that giggly band of practical jokers around?
Angel 1: (points to the group) Right over there. What have they done this time?
Angel 2: (calling to the group) Alright, the prank has gone far enough. It's time to bring them home.
_________ Bring who home?
_________ What do you mean?
_________ Which prank?
_________ We've been right here talking.
_________ We haven't done a thing.
Angel 1: Since when?
_________ Since a very, very long, long time.
_________ That's right.
_________ So whatever is wrong, we probably did not do it.
Angel 2: Maybe you have been good lately, but I'm here about a stunt you pulled a very l-o-n-g time ago.
________ That's not much of a hint.
________ Can you be more specific?
________ Give us a time frame.
Angel 2: 2034 years, 6 months and 23 days, earth time.
________ That would be the three wise men?
Angel 1: You've watched those earthlings so long you are beginning to pick up their folklore. You know there were more than three wise men.
________ We're not talking about the ones who arrived
________ We're talking about the ones who, er, uh, got lost.
Angel 2: Got lost? I think they had some help getting lost.
_______ Yes, but we did have permission.
_______ That's right. They were making all sorts of trouble for the others
_______ They refused to follow the leader
_______ Argued with each other and everyone else
_______ If we hadn't taken care of those three, nobody would have made it to see Baby Jesus
Angel 2: I know it was necessary. I just think you took it a little too far.
_______ Too far?
Angel 2: The camel thing. You've got to admit that was drastic
_______ That WAS a real attitude adjustment
_______ And God said they should take care of His animals
_______ You have to admit it worked
_______ They now have respect for animals AND people
Angel 1: And now it's over
Angel 2: That's right. The call is out. The last 3 wise men are headed home.
_______ Oh no! You can't do that
_______ They are lost.
Angel 1: You said it! They've been wandering around earth for over 2000 years.
Angel 2: And they are on the wrong continent.
Angel 1: That's about as lost as you can get!
______ NO! Wait! I mean they are really lost.
_______ They never got to see Jesus.
_______ If you call them in now, they'll stay lost forever
Angel 2: Well then, you'd better get busy. They are scheduled to come in very soon.
________ Let's go!
________ We've got work to do!
(Angels leave the stage)
Scene II
(The songs are suggestions. Substitute songs with similar messages.)
(Enter 3 Wise Dudes on stick camels singing to the tune of 'We Three Kings')
We 3 Dudes from far away are. 
Bringing gifts we've traveled so far
Night and day our camels sway
Boy! We wish we had a car 
Oh, star of wonder, star so bright,
Star of beauty, hope it's right. 
Star of glory, that's our story,
Following yonder star.
(They halt)
Dude 1: Well, this is where my star has led us.
Dude 2: That's the problem! It was your star, not THE STAR! I can't believe I followed you!
Dude 3: Not again! You two quit fighting. Where on earth are we?
Dude 2: Beats me. But then, the instructions were pretty vague to start with. (Takes piece of paper from his pocket and reads.) "First star on the right, and then straight on till morning."
Dude 3: You twit, that's the wrong play. We're looking for a baby king, not Peter Pan.
Dude 2: Whoops. Hold on a minute. (Searches his pockets again, brings out another paper.) Let's try this. 
"Follow the star and you will find
A baby king who'll rule mankind."
Dude 3: Better, but not much.
Dude 2: That's the secret of being a good prophet. Make it vague enough and something's bound to fit.
Dude 1: Don't be so cynical. You were happy enough to set out on this quest.
Dude 2: That was before you managed to separate us from the others.
Dude 1: Don't start that again. I make one wrong turn and you can't get over it.
Dude 2: You insisted you had the right star and we believed you. Now look at us. I feel like I've been on this camel for centuries!
Dude 3: Stop squabbling you two. Right star or wrong star, it seems to have stopped. Let's get our bearings. We'll ask one of the locals. They're bound to have heard something. (He stops a passerby.)
Dude 1: Excuse me, ladies. We’re looking for a baby king. Can you tell us where we might find him?
Passer-by 1: A baby king? I watch the news every day. Haven't seen a thing about a baby king.
Passer-by 2: Are you sure you've got the right place?
Dude 2: This is where the star has led us.
Passerby 3: Star! Did you say a star was here?
Passerby 4: Which star was it? Britney Spears?
Passerby 5: Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise?
Dude 3: What are you talking about? Are you sure you're in the right play? We're looking for a baby king.
Passerby 1: Well I don't know anything about baby kings.
Passerby 2: I knew Britney Spears wouldn't come here.
Passerby 3: That's right, no one that important comes to this place.
Passerby 4: If a king did come here, he'd just be going to visit the Prime Minister.
Passerby 5: That's right. Perhaps you had better try the Prime Minister's office. First on the right and straight on till.....
Dude 2: Till morning! Yeah, we know that one. Thanks a bunch.
(Passerby exits, and the 3 Dudes do a circuit of the stage singing)
We 3 Dudes from far away are. 
Really tired, we've traveled too far.
(The 3 Dudes arrive at the door of the Prime Minister.. They knock.)
PS: Hello, how can I help you?
Dude 1: Are you the Prime Minister?
PS: Actually, I'm his press secretary and these (points to the body guards) gentlemen, are here to protect the prime minister.
BG 1: You can't see the prime minister.
BG2: The prime minister is busy.
Dude 2: We have been told that a baby king has been born in your city, and we are trying to find him.
Dude 3: We have some gifts that we want to give him.
PS: A baby king? You’re looking for a baby king? Don't you know where you are?
BG 1: That's right. Don't you know where you are?
BG 2: I'm in Canberra. Don't you know where you are?
Dude 1: No, actually I don't know where we are. But we are used to that.
Dude 3: Our problem is, we don't know where the baby king is.
PS: This is Australia. We don't have kings. Just prime ministers.
Dude 2: No baby king, huh?
PS: Certainly not. Any king is, of course, welcome to apply for immigrant status, but he will be treated the same as any other applicant.
BG 1: And he can't see the prime minister.
BG 2: The prime minister is busy.
Dude 3: If there was a king in this town, where would he stay on a visit?
PS: You could try the Park Royal Hotel. If a king came here, he might stay at the Park Royal.
Dude 1: Good day. (They turn to leave.) Imagine that! A country without a king! We'll never find this baby!
(They do a circuit singing, and arrive at the Park Royal Hotel.)
Receptionist 1: Welcome to the Park Royal Hotel, gentlemen? How may I help you?
Dude 1: We're looking for a baby king. Can you please tell us whether you have a baby king here?
Receptionist 1: None have arrived since I came on duty. And none have been booked in, to my knowledge. But let me check the register. (Looks up book.) Let's see. - We have a Ms Kingsington, that's about as close as it gets.
Receptionist 2: Well there IS Mr Ames, he's a ROYAL PAIN! But that's as close to royalty as we've got. Sorry, no king.
Dude 3: What about the stable?
Receptionist 2: I beg your pardon?
Dude 3: Is there anyone using the stable?
Receptionist 1: Stable? We don't have a stable. We have a car parking level in the basement. No one travels by horse any more. What made you think we would have a stable?
Dude 3: (Mumbles) Just something I read in a story once.
Receptionist 2: It looks like we can't help you, gentlemen. We can't even offer you a room. We're absolutely fully booked. There is no room in this hotel.
Dude 3: At least you got that part right.
Dude 1: We are looking for a baby king? Where should we go next?
Receptionist 2: Most babies start out at the hospital. Why don't you try the maternity ward?
Dude 1: The hospital! Some times even we wise dudes miss the obvious. Thank you, miss. Come on guys. To the hospital.
(Dudes circle singing)
We 3 Dudes from far away are. 
Wishing that we had the right star.
(Dudes arrive at the hospital. They go to the entrance, and peer at the notice by the closed doors.)
Dude 2: It's closed but there's a sign. What does it say?
Dude 3: "After hours admissions, press button." Here we go. (He pushes the button) Let's hope it's the right place at last.
(Nurse comes to the door.)
Nurse: Can I help you?
Dude 1: I hope so. We've come a long journey, looking for a baby king. No one seems to know where he is. Is he here?
Nurse: Are one of you gentlemen the father?
Dude 3: Good grief no. We just want to bring him some gifts.
Nurse: In that case, I can't let you in. Only fathers are permitted in after hours. Visiting hours for others are 2-4 and 7-8 daily. And (heavy emphasis), there is a maximum of two visitors permitted to each patient.
Dude 1: (Excited) So he's here! After all our searching, we've found him! Please, we must see the baby king.
Nurse: I'm sorry, the rules are there for a purpose. New mothers and babies must have plenty of rest. Visitors can be very tiring.
Dude 2: But the baby king. How is he? What's he like?
Nurse: You do keep going on about a baby king, don't you. Well, if that's what you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place. We have no baby king here.
Dude 3: But you just said.....
Nurse: I said nothing of the sort. I was merely explaining the rules. Good rules make a good hospital.
Dude 3: But he must be here. We've looked everywhere and there's nowhere else we can think of to try.
Nurse: Well, I can't help you. Perhaps you could ask at the police station. Good night.
(She closes the door. The 3 Dudes look helplessly at each other, not knowing what to do.)
Dude 3: I'm hungry.
Dude 2: And tired. Let's find somewhere to spend the night.
Dude 1: But where? We've got no money left. Only these gifts we've brought for the baby.
(A Jesus-freak street kids come along. They are singing 'Jesus Is The Answer' and High-Fivin each other.)
Dude 1: Hey kids, where can three dudes without any money get something to eat?
Dude 2: And spend the night.
Jesus-freak 1: Come with us.
Jesus-freak 2: We're going to sing at the City Mission.
Jesus-freak 3: They give free meals there and a place to sleep if you've got nothin'.
Dude 3: Well, we certainly qualify. Thank you.
Jesus-freak 1: You guys look pretty rich to have nothing. What's your story?
Dude 1: We've been on the road a long time.
Dude 2: We're following a star. Probably the wrong star, thanks to him (points to dude 1)
Dude 3: Don't start that again.
Dude 1: The star is going to take us to a baby king. Perhaps you've seen him. Is there a baby king around here?
Jesus-freak 1: Whoa, dudes! You are in the wrong city AND the wrong century. For that matter, you are in the wrong play.
Dude 1: I don't understand. What do you mean?
Jesus-freak 1: The baby you are looking for was Jesus.
Dude 2: WAS? What do you mean WAS?
Jesus-freak 1: Well, actually, Jesus was and is and will be forever.
Dude 3: Look fellow. I appreciate your help and all but I'm already confused enough! What are you talking about?
Jesus-freak 1: The baby you are looking for was born over 2000 years ago in a manger in Bethlehem.
Dude 2: (looking at dude 1) Wow! That was some wrong turn you led us into.
Dude 3: If he was born 2000 years ago, how can be alive now?
Jesus-freak 1: He was a baby king. But His Kingdom was not on this earth. He was (pauses), He IS the Son of God.
Dude 1: So did they make Him King over the earth?
Dude 2: Where is He? Take us to Him quickly.
Dude 3: We have gifts. Where is he?
Jesus-freak 1: One at a time, please.
Dude 1: So did they make Him King over the earth?
Jesus-freak 1: No, actually we killed Him.
Dude 2: Killed Him? You killed Him? We came all this way just to find out that you KILLED HIM?
Jesus-freak 1: Calm down. Yes, we killed Him. But that was part of His plan. We killed Him and then He conquered death and brought us eternal life.
Dude 3: He conquered death? (turns to look at Dude 1) Your wrong turn made us miss the King who conquered death?
Dude 1: Don't YOU start. (points at dude 2) He's bad enough. Yes, I made a wrong turn. Yes, I made you miss seeing Jesus. But I missed seeing him too. Oh, this is awful.
Jesus-freak 1: That's where you are wrong! It's not too late for you to see Jesus.
Dude 2: Where is He? Take me to Him?
Jesus-freak 1: Remember that I told you His Kingdom was not on this world? He is right here with us right now. And you can be part of His eternal Kingdom. All you have to do is trust Him and believe that He is the Son of God.
Dude 3: I don't understand.
Jesus-freak 1: You will. Just stay here with us and watch.
(At this point, one Jesus-freak and one of the Dudes walk to the mike to become the readers. )
Dude: You said His Name was Jesus?
Jesus-Freak: Not was, is. His Name IS Jesus.
Dude: And we missed Him! I can't believe we missed Him. We're really tired, how far is it to this mission?
Jesus-Freak; (points to the cross) See the cross over there? It's on top of the mission.
Dude: There's a cross on the mission and one around your neck. Some people have them on their bumpers and some wear them on their ears. What's the deal?
Jesus-Freak: The cross is where He died. We wear it to help us remember.
Song: The Blood Was Red And The Pain Was Real
Dude: That was a harsh way to die. If He was really the King of Kings, He is stronger than people. Why did He let people do that to Him?
Jesus-Freak: Like I told you, it was all part of His plan. He told His followers,
Voice of Jesus: I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for the sheep. ...I am the Good Shepherd; I know my Sheep and My sheep know Me -- just as the Father knows Me and I know the Father -- and I lay down My life for the sheep. ...
Voice of Jesus: I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for the sheep. ... No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of my own choice.
Voice of Jesus: I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd lays down His Life for the sheep. ...I have the authority to lay it down and the authority to take it up again. This command I received from My Father.
Song: He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels
Dude: Awesome! That's what Isaiah was writing about!
Voice of Isaiah: "All of us are like sheep. We have wandered away from God.
All of us have turned to our own way. 
And the Lord has placed on His Servant the sins of all of us.
He was beaten and made to suffer but He didn't open His mouth. ... 
He was arrested and sentenced to death. 
Then He was taken away. He was cut off from this life.
He was punished for the sins of my people."
Dude: Isaiah said it would be like this! Jesus is the Shepherd AND Jesus is the Lamb! That was the prophecy. I understand it now! Awesome! But I still don't understand. Why would God do that?
Song: He Grew The Tree
Jesus-Freak: Right from the beginning, God's plan was for Jesus to give His life so that we can choose eternal life. Jesus said,
Voice of Jesus: The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill Him, and after three days He will rise.
Song: I'll Rise Again
Jesus-Freak: Jesus prophecied His own death and resurrection! But the disciples did not understand what He meant.
Dude: I know how they feel! I didn't understand Isaiah. It's all there but we didn't see it!
Jesus-Freak: We can't figure it out on our own. That's why Jesus had to come. Isaiah said,
Voice of Isaiah: "The people who are now living in darkness will see a great Light ...
A Child will be born to us. 
A Son will be given to us. 
He will rule over us 
And He will be called Wonderful Adviser and Mighty God. 
He will also be called Father Who Lives Forever 
And Prince Who Brings Peace 
The authority of His rule will continue to grow 
The peace He brings will never end. 
He will rule on David's throne and over his kingdom 
He will make the kingdom strong and secure 
His rule will be based on what is right and fair 
It will last forever 
The Lord's great love will make sure that happens 
He rules over all."
Dude: (holds his head and groans)
Jesus-Freak: What's wrong?
Dude: We've been such fools! Fighting and messing around! I can't believe we missed knowing Him!.
Jesus-Freak: Don't you see? In one way or another, we all miss Him We're ALL fools. But God loves us anyway. His disciple, John, said it this way.
Voice of John: He came to what was His own. But His own people did not accept Him. 
But some people did accept Him 
They believed in His Name. 
He gave them the right to become the children of God.
Jesus-Freak: And that offer is still open. Jesus said this,
Voice of Jesus: I am the Bread of Life. No one who comes to Me will ever go hungry. 
And no one who believes in Me will ever be thirsty. 
But this is just as I told you. You have seen me and you still do not believe 
Everyone the Father gives Me will come to Me. 
I will never send away anyone who comes to Me.
Jesus-Freak: You are not here by accident. These words are the Father's call to you. There's a choice that you have to make. You've searched long and hard for this Jesus. Will you come to Him?
Dude: I hear what you are saying but I don't think this is for me. I've really messed up. What if I'm not included? What if the Father has given up on me?
Jesus-Freak: Peter was one of Jesus' disciples. He wrote this,
Voice of Peter: The Lord is not slow to keep His promises. 
He is not slow in the way some people understand it. 
He is patient with you. He does not want anyone to be destroyed. 
Instead, He wants all people to turn away from their sins
Jesus-Freak: The offer is open to you and to everyone else here. God has done all He can to win your heart. Now what will you choose?
Song: I'm Forgiven
Song: Redeemer, Savior, Friend
Jesus-Freak: God's offer is made to each of us. He has chosen you to live eternally with Him. He made that choice clear when Jesus died on the cross. Now, the choice is yours. Have you chosen eternal life with Jesus?
Song: I Can Only Imagine
Copyright, John McNeil and Vicki Reeves.
This play may be used free of royalty, provided no charge is made for entry to the performance. In return, the authors would like to be notified of any performance. They may be contacted at, and at