From Darkness Into Light

By Heather Cooper


A sequel to "Tidings of Great Joy". David, Leanne, Jenna and Sarah all experienced first-hand the impact of the First Advent of the Lord in first century Palestine. They came back to 21st century Canada renewed and invigorated to live for Him. Or did they? Sarah has continued to be faithful, Leanne and Jenna are excited and serving God. But, David has slipped back into his old habits of being a workaholic and seems to have forgotten how much the first Christmas has meant to him. God is about to work another miracle in his life.


Leanne (his wife)
Jenna, Sarah (their two daughters)



Scene 1 - Home
(21st Century Canada)

(Bright lights up on Leanne, Jenna and Sarah coming in the door from an evening out at a church play that Sarah was in..)

Leanne: I really enjoyed your play, Sarah. It was interesting to see Palm Sunday from the Jewish people's point of view. Do you think the people laying down their palm branches before Jesus, as He rode into Jerusalem, knew what kind of a king they were hailing?

Sarah: What do you mean, Mom?

Leanne: I think they were hoping He would lead them in a revolt to defeat Rome, but His kingdom is really the kingdom of our hearts. He defeated the darkness, to bring us into the light!

Sarah: I think I know what you mean, Mom. Did you really like the play? How did I do as Martha?

Jenna: You were awesome, Sarah! I didn't know you could hustle like that! So…where was Dad?

Sarah: (sighing) I'm so disappointed he wasn't there. He promised he would come.

Jenna: I'm getting so I just don't trust his promises anymore.

Leanne: I know he meant to come, but I guess he just got tied up at work.

Jenna: As usual! He's been "tied up (uses the quotation mark sign) at work" seven days a week since January. I don't think he's changed a bit since Christmas!

Leanne: I think he really wanted to change things, Jenna, after our talk with the shepherds, but doing it is a lot harder than thinking about it in the real world. He has so many pressures on him.

Sarah: I know I still forget to unload the dishwasher in the morning when I get up late.

Jenna: Well, yeah, I know none of us are perfect. But, at least we're trying. I don't know if Dad is.

Leanne: (sighing) We'll just have to keep praying for him, girls. Sarah, I'm really sorry Dad wasn't at your play.

Sarah: (sadly) That's okay, Mom. I'm going to go finish my homework, now, and go to bed. I'm really tired.

Leanne: Okay dear. (Sarah exits right) Jenna, what are you doing with the rest of the evening?

Jenna: I have a meeting at eight o'clock for the Missions trip I want to go on this summer. I really need Dad to get home because I have to take my deposit in tonight to make sure my name is on the list.

Leanne: (guardedly) Did your Dad give you permission to go yet, Jenna?

Jenna: Not exactly. He sounded pretty negative about the money part, but he did say he would think about it. He's got to let me go, Mom. I'm sure God is calling me there. They need so much help to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Leanne: I'm sure he'll be home soon. Why don't you finish up your homework, while you're waiting?

Jenna: Yeah, good idea. (exits right)

(Leanne straightens up living room, as David enters, wearily.)

David: Hi, I'm home. Is there anything to eat? I'm starved!

Leanne: Sure, in the oven. Did you forget something tonight?

David: (puzzled) Forget? No, I don't … Was I supposed to go to the grocery store?

Leanne: Does Sarah's play ring a bell?

David: That was tonight? I completely forgot!

Leanne: (accusingly) David, I reminded you this morning, before you left for work! How could you forget in such a short time?

David: (defensively) I don't know. I've got so much on my mind! I had three contracts I had to close today.

Leanne: (sarcastically) I guess you remember what's important to you!

David: (angrily) You know you and the girls are important to me, Leanne. Why do you think I work so hard? It's for all of you!

Leanne: Is it? Sometimes I wonder, David. One day, you'll stop and realize that the girls have grown up and gone, and you've missed the best part of being their father. You know, they don't even trust your promises any more. They expect you to break them.

David: I've had a hard day! I don't need to come home to your constant complaining!

Leanne: (angrily) And what about what I need, David? What kind of life to you think I'm having here? You get home late most nights, wolf down some supper I've saved for you, then fall asleep in front of the T.V.! Something has to change! I'm going to go read. Your dinner's in the oven. I'll send Jenna in with it. She needs to talk to you. Please listen to her with your heart instead of with your bank account, David! (exits right).

(David shrugs, takes off coat, grabs the paper and sits down. Jenna comes in with his dinner.)

Jenna: (tentatively) Dad, tonight's our Missions Trip meeting. I need to give them my deposit tonight. Have you thought about it? I don't have a lot of time to talk. I'm already late!

David: (sighs) I can see why you would be excited about a chance to travel, Jenna, but we just can't afford that kind of money. I'm afraid I'll have to say no.

Jenna: Dad! I'm going to fundraise most of it! You can call it an advance on my allowance! Please, Dad, it's really important to me! I'm sure God is calling me to go.

David: That advance would take care of your allowance for the next three years, Jenna.

It's a big lump sum for one time. Besides, there's the danger element of it! I'm not sure you're old enough to hear God calling you anywhere, if He does that sort of thing anymore.

Jenna: (icily) You're so wrapped up in your own life, you couldn't hear God calling you if He hit you with a two-by-four! I'm going to that meeting! I'll get the money somehow, with or without your help! (heads out door, left, then stops and looks back at him) You know, I think, in a strange way, you're jealous that I want to do something meaningful with my life. I think maybe it reminds you how empty yours is! (leaves, slamming door)

(David rubs his temples and forehead like he has a headache. Then he sits down and takes a bite or two of dinner, then pushes it away and sits with his head in his hands.)

Lights out.

Scene 2 - Sarah's bedroom

(21st Century Canada)

(Blue lights come up on Sarah's bedroom with her bed center stage and wardrobe upstage right. Sarah is in bed sleeping and David walks quietly in.)

David: (quietly) Sarah? .... Honey? Are you asleep? (He sits on the side of her bed. Sarah stirs but keeps sleeping.)

David: I'm sorry I missed your play! I don't know what's wrong with me. How could I have forgotten my own daughter's performance? I can't do anything right these days! I think I'm doing what's best for everyone, but instead, I just keep hurting the ones I love.


David: (putting head on hands, elbows on knees) (Sarah wakes up but David doesn't notice at first.) I'm really sorry. Can you forgive me?

Sarah: (sleepily) Dad? Don't feel bad. Of course I forgive you. I know you would have been there if you could.

David: I wish I could forgive myself so easily!

(Light comes on in wardrobe.)

Sarah: It's happening again! Dad, look!

David: What? Oh-ohh!

Sarah: Come on, Dad! (David hesitates.) It's okay. C'mon!

(David follows Sarah into the wardrobe. The door shuts behind them. Lights out.)

Scene 3 - Bethany, Judea

(Palm Sunday, 34 A.D.)

(Lights come up on David and Sarah climbing out of cave in the town of Bethany.)

Sarah: Where have we come this time, Dad? Oh, I think…it's Bethany again.

David: How can you be sure, Sarah?

Sarah: I recognize that building there from when Jenna and I came here at Christmas. I wonder why we're here.

(Lazarus enters from left.)

Lazarus: Well, strangers! Welcome to Bethany! I'm Lazarus.

David: Uh - hello. I'm David and this is my daughter, Sarah.

Lazarus: Where are you from? You're not from Judea, by the strange look of your clothing. (inspects David's clothes)

David: No, we're not from around here at all.

Lazarus: What brings you to Bethany?

David: Uh, that's a good question. I - I'm not sure.

Sarah: There must be something or someone here we're meant to see, Dad.

Lazarus: Ah! Well, I imagine that would be Jesus of Nazareth. He is staying with us, my sisters and me, during the Passover feast. We're getting used to the crowds that have come here to see the Man who has performed so many miracles.

David: Jesus is staying with you? You mean now?

Lazarus: Oh, yes! He visits with us whenever He goes down to Jerusalem. You look somewhat bewildered. Where are you staying?

(David and Sarah look at each other.)

David: Uh…nowhere, yet. We just got here. We haven't really made plans…

Lazarus: Well, come with me. That's my house just over there. (points stage right) My sister, Martha, loves company. (Winks. Lazarus herds Sarah and David over to his door, opens it and calls out.) Martha! Martha! See who I've brought home with me!

(Martha enters through door, right.)

Martha: (somewhat crossly) What do you mean, Lazarus? Don't tease. You know I have a houseful! (sees David and Sarah) Oh! You weren't teasing me! (regains her hostess manners) I'm so sorry. Welcome!

Lazarus: This is David and his daughter, Sarah. They have come a long way and have nowhere to stay.

David: We don't want to put you out….

Martha: Nonsense! It's no trouble! But we must get you dressed like a Judean. You don't want to be attracting the attention of the Romans in those strange outfits. There is enough unrest around here as it is. Come with me. Lazarus, please find two more mattresses for our guests.

(David, Sarah and Martha exit through door stage right. Lazarus turns to go behind cave when Peter and John enter stage left.)

Peter: Lazarus!

Lazarus: Hello, Peter, John! You're back early.

Peter: Yes. The colt was much easier to find than we thought. It was just as Jesus told us. As we were loosing the young donkey, the owners appeared and asked us why we were taking it. Like He said, we answered back, "The Lord needs it." And they let us go with it, just like that!

Lazarus: What does Jesus want it for?

John: He is planning to ride it into Jerusalem. But, I am worried that this will attract the attention of the chief priests, if the crowds follow Him like they have been.

Peter: We knew it would be dangerous when we decided to come with Jesus to Jerusalem. It's only a matter of time before the Jewish authorities act. Jesus challenges their ability to lead the people.

Lazarus: Well, Jesus knows what He's doing. We must trust him.

John: We are learning to trust Him more each day, Lazarus.

(Enter Martha, Mary, David and Sarah.)

Martha: Oh, hello, Peter. Hello, John. You're back just in time for the meal. Let me introduce you to David and Sarah, travellers from a far place. (They shake hands.) Mary, find everyone a place to sit and I'll bring the food.

Mary: Of course, sister. (Martha exits. Mary shows everyone to the table and they sit down.) Peter and John, I'm so glad that you and Jesus have come again. I've missed you all so much.

Peter: (frowning) Yet, there is something troubling about this visit. Jesus has been talking strangely lately, about being delivered up to the Gentiles and other things we do not understand.

(Martha enters with food and serves it with Mary's help, while the conversation continues.)

Mary: (sadly) Yes, I've noticed. Still, I love to sit and listen to Him. I have so much to learn from the Teacher.

Lazarus: That is a lesson our Martha had to learn recently, isn't it, Martha? (chuckling)

Martha: (smiling and sitting down) I've always been a worker. I see tasks that need doing and I do them. It was always hard to stop and reflect or relax. On one of His visits, I complained to Jesus that Mary was just sitting around while I did all the work. He helped me to see that what Mary was doing - that is, listening to His teaching and getting to know Him better - was much more important than all the serving I was doing, even though it was well meant. Lazarus never lets me forget it!

Lazarus: (chuckling) It's what I love about you, Martha. You're so teasable!

Mary: Lazarus, let her be! Martha's faith has grown so much! We could all use her strength!

David: I'm afraid I'm a lot like that, too, Martha. I never seem to know when to stop. I don't know what it's going to take to slow me down.

Lazarus: I know what it took for me! I have a whole new appreciation for life ever since Jesus raised me from death three months ago!

David: (recognition dawns) You're that Lazarus!

Mary: You know, Martha and I thought Jesus had really let us down when He didn't come right away after we let Him know Lazarus was so ill.

John: The other disciples and I thought it very strange that He didn't respond at once. He loves your family so dearly.

Martha: When He finally arrived, Lazarus was dead and buried four days. I thought the time for any help was long passed. But then He came, and I saw the power and glory of God as Lazarus was raised to life again!

Peter: Many, many people became followers of Jesus after that! But I would be careful if I were you, Lazarus. The Jewish authorities are afraid of you and your story. They won't hesitate to silence you if they can.

Lazarus: (quietly) I'm not afraid of them, Peter! I know the power of God. As long as He wants me to glorify Jesus, He'll protect me from harm.

Sarah: But where is Jesus now? I want to see Him and listen to Him.

Lazarus: There, Mary! Sarah has a spirit just like yours! After the meal, we are going up to Jerusalem with Jesus and His disciples. David and Sarah, you are welcome to join us.

Lights out.

Scene 4 - Jerusalem, Judea

(Palm Sunday, 34 A.D.)

(Lights come up on a road just inside the gates of Jerusalem. David, Sarah, Mary, Martha and Lazarus line the way along with extras, waving palm branches and shouting.)

Crowds: "Hosanna!" "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Blessed is the King of Israel!"

Mary: I think they're getting closer!

Martha: Just listen to the crowds.

Lazarus: They want Jesus as their King!

Mary: Look! There they are!

(Run "Triumphal Entry" video clip.)

Sarah: Look, Dad! It's Jesus!

David: (wonderingly) Jesus! It's really Him!

(They all wave their palm fronds as He goes by on screen. Stop clip.)

Lazarus: Jesus said He was going on to the temple. You must come and see the temple, David and Sarah. You can't visit Jerusalem without seeing it! And you may get to hear Him speak to the people.

Sarah: Please, Dad?

David: I would like nothing better.

Martha: Lazarus, you know your life could be in danger if the chief priests recognize you.

Lazarus: I will keep my prayer shawl low and over my face and blend in with the crowd. It will be fine. I want to hear Him speak.

Martha: I think it's too dangerous even here. Anyone could recognize you!

Lazarus: (fondly) You are such a worrier, Martha! It will be fine. Trust me. Let's go.

(All exit through right stage door. Lights down. Move out pillars.)

(Run Temple video clip.)

(Mary, Martha and Lazarus, wearing head coverings, David and Sarah enter through lower door right, in time to hear the thunder and God's pronouncement. They move over further stage left, sitting on the stairs.)

David: That thunder! I thought I heard something in it. What was it?

Mary: (with awe) An angel spoke to Him!

Martha: He's going to speak now to the crowds. Come!

(They cross to the opposite side of the stage and sit on the steps.)

(Run "Light and Darkness" video clip.)

(David, Sarah, Mary ,Martha and Lazarus move up on stage right. Two temple guards stand on the opposite side.)

David: This is amazing! Beyond belief! I've seen Him!

Sarah: See, Dad! Didn't I tell you it was incredible!

(The two guards seem to recognize Lazarus and point toward them.)

Martha: (urgently) Lazarus, quickly! (pulls at him) I think they've recognized you!

(Guards start rapidly forward. Mary, Martha and Lazarus run to exit lower right followed by the guards. David and Sarah hide behind pillars, but the one of the guards starts aside after them. In confusion, they get separated. David ducks into door, stage right, but Sarah runs behind other pillar in opposite direction.)

Lights out.

Scene 5 - Sarah's Bedroom


(Lights come up on Sarah's bedroom as before. David bursts out of the wardrobe like he is being chased. Then he stops, realizing where he is, breathing heavily. He turns to Sarah, but realizes she isn't there.)

David: Sarah, where are you? (runs back to the wardrobe and looks in)

David: (panic in his voice) Sarah!! (bangs on back of wardrobe in desperation) God, please let me through! Sarah!! Sarah!!

(Jenna comes in, disturbed by the noise.)

Jenna: Dad? Dad, calm down! What is it? (David sits heavily on the bed, head in hands. Jenna, looking around can't see Sarah.) Dad, where's Sarah?

David: I don't know! She's still back there! Through the wardrobe!

Jenna: (accusingly) You left her there?

David: I didn't mean to. There was so much confusion. She ran the other way just as I was ducking through a doorway. They were chasing us. How was I to know that that doorway was the passage to home? (standing) I've got to get back. What if they catch her?

Jenna: (shaking her head, puzzled) Who? Why were they chasing you?

David: (distracted) The temple guards in Jerusalem. We were with Lazarus, listening to Jesus. But the chief priests want to keep Lazarus quiet and when the guards recognized him, they began to chase all of us. (urgent, pacing with fear) How am I going to get back there? She's in danger! Why did I ever let go of her? If anything happens to her, I'll never forgive myself!

Jenna: (frightened but calm) Oh, Dad! (takes a breath) God will take care of her. We need to talk to Him. He has His hand in all of this.

David: (catching his breath) You're right, Jenna. If I could have just stopped thinking about myself for one minute and listened to Him - none of this would have ever needed to happen! I'm so sorry.

Jenna: I was just coming in to tell you that I'm sorry, too, about the way I acted earlier. I was wrong to say the things I did, Dad. I'm not going on the Missions trip if you don't want me to.

David: No, Jenna, it was me. I was just being fearful. I keep thinking it's all up to me to take care of you all. I keep forgetting to put God in the picture. (prays) I'm sorry, Lord. Please - take care of Sarah! (prays silently)

(Light comes on in wardrobe. Jenna notices it.)

Jenna: Dad! The light!

David: Thank-you, God! (jumps up to go over to the wardrobe)

Jenna: Wait! I'll get Mom.

David: I can't wait! The light may go out at any moment. I have to go now!

Jenna: I'm coming with you then!

David: No, it's too dangerous! I can't lose another one there!

Jenna: (pleading) Please, Dad! I want to help find Sarah!

David: I need you to explain things to your Mom. I'll be back as soon as I can. (heads into wardrobe, door shuts behind him)

(Jenna sits on bed, miserably, then prays silently.)

Lights out.

Scene 6 - Jerusalem, Judea

(Good Friday, 34 A.D. )

(Lights come up brightly as David enters through a doorway onto a narrow Jerusalem street, perhaps through the Sanctuary. He turns frantically around, struggling to get his bearings. Enter Peter, furtively moving toward David, but unaware of his presence because he is continually looking back over his shoulder. Peter looks dejected. David recognizes him first.)

David: (loudly) Peter! Thank heavens it's you! I didn't know what to do!

Peter: Ssh! (beckons for David to follow him into a courtyard where they sit at a table) There. Now we'll be able to talk safely. David, where have you been? We couldn't find you after Jesus rode into Jerusalem. No one has been able to track you down.

David: (grabs Peter by the shoulders) Sarah! Have you seen her? We got separated in the temple!

Peter: Yes, she's safe with Mary and Martha. (David sighs with relief) But frantic with worry for you! What happened to you? It's been five days!

David: I know. I know. It's a long story! How do I get to Bethany?

Peter: You'd better not be going anywhere today. Jerusalem is in an uproar. Surely you've heard what's happening!

David: (blankly)What?

Peter: (angrily) They arrested Jesus last night, put Him on trial - what a mockery that was! - and they are executing Him today. Crucifying Him like a common criminal! The same crowds that cheered Him as He rode into Jerusalem, were crying out for the death sentence this morning.


Peter: (with devastation) But I am no better. In fact, I am a hundred times worse. I've denied Him, deserted Him and now I'm running like a scared rabbit afraid of his own shadow! I told Jesus that I was ready to die for Him. Instead, three times I denied that I even knew Him. He knew I would, too. He told me as we ate our Passover meal together. (pause) How can I live with myself again? (slumps over)

David: I'm sorry, Peter. I know how heavy a burden guilt is. There's so much in my own life I wish I could undo! There's more I could tell you …. but it wouldn't help now. I have to get to Sarah, no matter what's happening? Can you show me how to reach Bethany?

Peter: (dully) Head east through the Kidron Valley, by the Mount of Olives and through the town of Bethphage.

David: Thank you. (turns to go, then looks back for a second)

(Peter doesn't move. David exits through audience.)

Lights out.

Scene 7 - Jerusalem, Judea

(Good Friday, 34 A.D.)

(Lights come up brightly on streets of Jerusalem again, without the courtyard this time. David enters through audience, trying to find the road to Bethany. He asks directions of people in the audience a couple of times but is ignored.)

David: Which way to Bethany?..... How do I get to Bethany?

(As David approaches the stage, a crowd enters from lower door, right, and sweep David with them up on the stage.)

David: Where is this? Where is everyone going?

Stranger 1: Haven't you heard? The Romans are crucifying Jesus of Nazerath. Everyone is headed to watch Him pass by.

Stranger 2: Here He comes!

(Everyone presses back with back to the congregation. Run video clip of Jesus carrying cross.)

(After the clip is ended, the crowd turns to move toward stage left and down through left side of Sanctuary to exit at the back. David struggles to go in the opposite direction. Mary enters stage right at the back of the crowd. David spots her.)

David: Mary! Mary! It's me, David!

Mary: (quietly weeping) David? Oh, praise God we've found you. Sarah is beside herself with fear for you!

David: Is she all right? Will you take me to her?

Mary: (distressed and uncertain) David….I can't right now. I must go to Jesus…

David: It will be hard, Mary. Are you sure you want to? Will you be safe?

Mary: It doesn't matter. I just need to be there. (pause, turns to go, then turns back again) David, please come with me. I'm afraid….that I won't be able to bear it. I will take you back to Sarah after…after it's over.

David: (torn) I … I need … (sees Mary's fear) Okay, I'll come with you.

(David and Mary exit stage left.)

Lights out.

Scene 8 - Jerusalem, Judea

(Good Friday, 34 A.D)

(Lights come up dimly on scene arranged this way:
1) Downstage center is the cross set with the back toward the audience. In the darkness, before lights come up, the nailing of Jesus to the cross could take place and the cross raised to some music. Jesus would be on the cross, but we wouldn't see his face. A video loop of His suffering could be happening on the screen and perhaps some music playing softly.
2) Facing the audience would be guards gambling, John, with Mary, Jesus' mother, 2 or 3 others. David and Mary enter from left and stand off to one side. David is shaken by what he is seeing.
End music. Silence except for one or two groans, sobs, guards dice rolling. Then…)

Mary: (brokenly) I understand He has to endure this, but how will we bear it without Him? He means us to have hope, but I can't see it. I just … can't see it!

David: (suddenly and fiercely) I did it! As surely as if I held the mallet, I did this to Him! I drove those nails in again and again! I never realized …. I never saw my sin for what it was.

(David has moved in front of the cross.)

David: (in a low voice, brokenly) Jesus…. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. (hangs his head, then falls to his knees)

(Silence, as before.)

Voice: (weakly) Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing.

(Run video clip "It is finished." - Jesus' death.)

(Mary, sobbing, comes and lifts David and they exit left, consoling Jesus' mother as they go. Others exit as well, leaving John and Mary, the mother of Jesus.)

Lights out.

Scene 9 - Bethany, Judea

(Good Friday, 34 A.D)

(Lights come up with late afternoon brightness. The scene is Bethany, as before at Lazarus' house. Sarah is sitting at the table with Jenna and Leanne all dressed biblically. Martha brings out some food and a jug of beverage. The mood is sombre and subdued. David and Mary enter from left.)

Mary: (to Martha) It's over.

(Mary goes to Martha and they embrace and exit right.)

Sarah: Dad! (she runs to him)

David: Sarah! (they embrace) You're okay? What happened to you in Jerusalem?

Sarah: I'm fine, Dad. I hid until the guard gave up. Then I left the same way Lazarus did. I caught up to them on the road when they stopped to rest. But I've been so worried about you! You disappeared for five whole days!

David: The doorway I ducked into for some reason brought me back home. I was frantic with worry for you but I couldn't get back right away. And when the light came back on again, well… you know how it is with the wardrobe, Sarah - I ended up in Jerusalem five days later. (looks up to see Leanne and Jenna) Leanne, Jenna… what are you doing here?

Jenna: I told Mom what had happened, and neither of us could just wait there for you two to get back. God let us back through the wardrobe to Bethany.

Leanne: David, are you okay? You look…upset.

David: (hugs Leanne, Jenna) I was there. At the crucifixion. It was… (shakes his head slowly) I realized that my sin put Him there on that cross, that I was responsible for His suffering. (excited) But, Leanne, Jenna - He forgives me! I feel … released! Now I need to ask all of you to give me another chance.

Leanne: No more late nights at work? We can have a life together? It's you I married, darn it, not your salary!

David: I'll find another job if I have to, Leanne. I'm determined to be there for my family!

(The family embraces. Enter Peter, John, and Lazarus.)

Lazarus: Martha, Mary! We found him. We brought Peter back.

(Martha and Mary enter, right.)

Martha: Stay with us, Peter, John! Now that they've satisfied themselves with His crucifixion, they'll leave us alone. You'll be safe here.

John: Thank you, Martha. I'll stay for a day or two until I'm sure Peter is better. I have left Jesus' mother with Mary Magdalene, for now.

Lazarus: We'll help each other through. It's how Jesus would have wanted it.

(They lead Peter into the house.)

Lights out.

Scene 10 - At the Tomb

(Easter morning, 34 A.D)

(Lights come up on the cave, which has become the tomb, with the stone rolled away. There is silence for a moment. John runs in through the sanctuary, up on stage and looks in cave, then waits for Peter who is right behind him. Peter goes right in the cave, then emerges looking amazed and thoughtful. John goes in. David, Leanne, Jenna and Sarah enter through stage left and stay behind bushes, watching. John emerges.)

Peter: What does it mean?

John: He's not there! God has raised Him up, just as He said!

Peter: He is the Messiah, the Saviour! (raises his hands) Father, you can do anything. Forgive my disbelief and my dispair!

John: Let's hurry back to Jerusalem and find the others. They must know about this!

(Peter and John exit lower right.)

David: What did they see?

Jenna: Let's look. Come on!

(David and Jenna lead the way through the cave. Sarah and Leanne are more hesitant.)

Lights out.

Scene 11 - Sarah's bedroom

(Easter morning, present day)

(Lights come up on Sarah's bedroom arranged as before. The family enters through the wardrobe.)

Sarah: (looking startled) We're back! I wasn't expecting that!

Jenna: I feel like we've come out of the darkness and into the light, in more ways than one!

David: Let's pray that we can keep on walking in the light. You know, I've come back from this journey with a lot less baggage than when I left. Forgiveness feels so good!

Leanne: So, I guess you could say, "Our Way home is through the empty tomb. (looks at her watch) Happy Easter, everyone!

(Family makes eye contact with each other, put their arms around each other.)

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