Bad Friends

By Josh Powell


A teenager forgetting his friend for a concert ticket is compared with Judas betraying Jesus.  Showing that it is often the ones that we are closest to the most that can really hurt us.


Judas Iscariot
Religious Official


(Nathan and Travis are walking out from stage left talking to each other; they stop at center stage.)
Travis:  I guess itís all set huh?  Lets see we have all the posters up, (Thinks for a second) the church is all set up.   Everything is ready.
Nathan: I really appreciate all you have been doing to help me out Travis.
Travis:  Donít sweat it, it isnít a big deal.
Nathan:  I would have never been able to get this youth rally together without your help.
Travis:  Yeah well you would have done the same for me, right (gives him a friendly slap on the back).
Nathan:  Yeah, if you need anything, anytime just let me know I owe you.  So, I will see you at six.
Travis:  I wouldnít miss it for the world. (Nathan exits stage left and Joel enters stage right.)  Hey, Joel how is it going? (Gives him a friendly handshake).
Joel:  Great!
Travis:  Hey, are you coming to the rally tonight at the church?
Joel:  No and I donít think you are either.
Travis:  What do you mean?
Joel:  You know the concert that is sold out.
Travis:  Yeah, they sold out the day tickets went on sale.
Joel:  Well guess what I have. (Pulls out two tickets from his pocket).  The radio station gave them to the tenth caller, hey and they are front row seats.
Travis:  No way.
Joel:  Yeah and this is your lucky day because you get to be my guest.
Travis:  I have the rally tonight and I promised Nathan I would be there, he is counting on me.
Joel:  Forget him, come on man. (Flashes tickets in Travisís face) front row seats.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Travis:  I donít know Joel.
Joel:  Look there will be other rallies, you know what you want to do.
Travis:  (Pause) yeah I guess I have done my part I helped him set it up and all.
Joel:  Now you are thinking right come on lets go.
(The two exit stage right.  Judas Iscariot and Religious Official enter and stop and stand at center stage.  The Religious official is holding a bag of coins.)
Religious Official: This is a lot of money.  Think about it.
Judas:  I am just not sure, I know him so well.  How can I do this to him?
Religious Official: Oh come on, you know he is not the real Messiah.  Just look at the clothes he wears and the people he chooses to hang around with.  The real Messiah will have an army at his command and will live in a castle. Besides what has this Jesus done for you?
Judas:  Yeah, maybe youíre right.  (Takes coins from Religious Official and the lights dim.)

© Josh Powell, all rights reserved
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