All For Me

by Josh Langner


A scribe realizes the shocking truth of Jesus.


1 male, a scribe


(Scribe walks on boastful and proud)
I am a scribe. And honored to be one. (lost in some memory) Having captivated a whole synagogue full of God's people. All of them adoring me, because I was the one with the Word of God. That's the way it had always been, and always would be (resentment in his voice) until He showed up. With His revolutionary ideas, and miracles. He was ruining tradition. With each passing day the number of our followers shrank as He gained multitudes, young and old, good and evil. They all loved Him! They worshiped Jesus Christ the Nazarene!
(pauses as if perplexed)
I can't imagine why! Yes, the miracles were splendid, and He had a lot of excellent teachings, but His theories were absurd! That our God could actually serve justice for our sins while pouring out His mercy!
Justice and Mercy!!!
Anyone with any knowledge of the law knows that the two are completely opposite. Yes, God serves justice for those who have sinned, and all who have sinned must pay the penalty. But merciful too? You can't have both! It is lunacy to think so! Then one day we found a way to prove it. We caught a woman in the act of adultery! (amused with himself) It was a win-win situation! If he chose to forgive her, we would shout, "Where is the justice?" Or if he chose to stone her, We would shout, "Where was the mercy?" We were sure that we had exposed the gap between Justice and Mercy. But instead He then said the most ridiculous thing ever. He said that He would bridge the gap between justice and mercy, that He was way the truth and the life. That no one could go to the father except through Him.
Justice and Mercy!!!
We were humiliated, and from that point on I made sure to make His life more difficult every time I had the chance.
And I did, with the help of many of my friends we certainly made it difficult for him ... all the way to Calvary.
(Suddenly is saddened by a thought)
Even though He and I had our differences, no man should have to suffer through the torture that He received. Yet, I mocked and cursed right along with the crowd. Up until the point when He cried out, 'Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.' I looked up and saw no resentment in those eyes... Those eyes....they.... just held love and... and... mercy for His persecutors.
(Looks up)
Those eyes locked with mine for a moment.... but only a moment. For I saw such love... and.... purity.. The truth is, He (voice falters)... He had never.... done..... anything wrong! He was perfect, and I was the perfect reflection of sin! I was the one who deserved punishment, I deserved a horrible death! It's like He suffered for the justice of my sins.
(barely whispers)
Oh, how could I have missed it. He died for me.
Justice and Mercy.
Out of God's mercy for us He sent His only Son to die on the cross, so that the justice for our sins could be served.
He is the one and only way, and that was the plan all along.
(sinks to knees)
Justice and Mercy.
(begins to weep)
I was so horrible, yet through His mercy he still loved me enough to die for me.
Justice and Mercy.
He loved me as I envied Him.
He loved me as I opposed Him.
He loved me as I mocked Him.
He loved me as I cursed Him.
He loved me as He died for me.
Justice and Mercy.
(Bows in prayer and sobs)
Oh Father, forgive me.............
Copyright Josh Langner, all rights reserved.
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