What is Easter all about?

By Maurice Sweetsur


A simple presentation for puppets, which looks at the common images associated with Easter.


Three "people" puppets
One "animal" puppet


HOST. Today, we are going to ask the question " What is Easter all about? ", but firstly let me introduce you to my panel of guests. Representing the younger generation is Miss Know it all.

MISS KNOW IT ALL.. Thank you for inviting me back on your show. Just ask me the question, and I will give you the answer, because I know everything.

HOST. Secondly, representing the older generation, is Mr Don't know a lot.

MR. DON'T KNOW A LOT. Although my name is Mr. Don't Know a lot, I know heaps and heaps of things, so all you need to do is ask me the question.

HOST. Finally, representing the animal kingdom, is Shaun the sheep. Say "hello" Shaun.

SHAUN. Baa. Baa.

HOST. Thank you Shaun. If we have time, I will ask Shaun his opinion, but I don't really think he will be much help at all. Today's question is "What is Easter all about?" and I happen to know the answer myself. Easter is all about HOLIDAYS. Everybody I know go on holiday at Easter, so that is the answer - holidays. However, just in case there are any other opinions, I will ask my guests the question. Miss Know it all, do you know what Easter is all about?

MISS KNOW IT ALL. I certainly do. Easter is not about holidays. Easter is all about BUNNIES. Everyone knows that Easter is the time that all the bunny rabbits come out.

HOST. Thank you Miss Know it all. That was certainly a very "interesting" answer. Now, Mr. Don't know a lot, do you know what Easter is all about?

MR. DON'T KNOW A LOT. It's certainly not about Holidays or Bunnies! No, Easter is all about EGGS. There are ordinary chicken's eggs, but the ones I like best are those Cadbury Cream eggs. They are so delicious. I have heaps and heaps of them at Easter time. So that is your answer - Eggs.

HOST. Thank you Mr. Don't Know a lot. You certainly lived up to your name! Now Shaun, have you any idea at all what Easter is all about?

SHAUN. Baa. Baa. Baa.

HOST. Come on Shaun. Don't be shy. Give us your answer.

SHAUN .Baa. Baa. I need a volunteer to help me.

SELF. (Holding up your hand). I will be your volunteer Shaun. What would you like me to do?

SHAUN. Take that piece of paper and fold over the top right corner.

SELF. (Folding the top right corner so that it meets the left edge). I have done that Shaun, what next?

SHAUN. Take the top left corner and fold it over.

SELF. (Folding as before so that the top left corner meets the right edge to produce a "house" shape). Oh I see it now Shaun, Easter is about spending time at home with your families!

SHAUN. Now fold the paper down the middle.

SELF. (Folding as directed, to produce an "aeroplane" shape). Oh yes, now I understand. Mr. Host was right all the time. Easter is all about going off on holiday on an aeroplane!

SHAUN. Now, cut a strip off the paper, next to the longest edge.

SELF. On no, Shaun, that would spoil my aeroplane.

SHAUN. Just do as you're told Mr. (name), and cut a strip off the paper.

SELF. Don't you talk to me like that you silly sheep. I will put you back in your sheep pen, if you are not careful.

SHAUN. Just cut a strip off the paper.

SELF. Oh alright - though I am sure this is going to spoil my aeroplane. (Cut about a 1 cm. strip parallel to the longest edge). I have done that Shaun, what next?

SHAUN. Open the paper up.

SELF. (Opening up the paper to reveal a cross). I think Shaun has given us the right answer. Easter is all about a cross. But not a paper cross. It's about a wooden cross on which Jesus Christ, God's Son, died to take away our sins.


Copyright Maurice Sweetsur, all rights reserved. This play may be performed without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for admission to the performance. In return, the author would like to be told of any performance. He can be emailed at mnmsweetsur@xtra.co.nz