Rockin' Away the Years

By Michael Humphrey


Three residents of an old people's rest home lament that Christmas is not what it used to be. Then they decide to do something about it.


3 rest home residents


One: Well, Here comes another Christmas

Two: Yep.. Here it comes..

Three: I can hardly wait.

One: So what are you doing this year…

Two: Same as last year.. Sitting and waiting… Watchin “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Love that movie.. How about you?

One: Kids are coming… What a thrill.. I can hardly wait..

Three: Yeah.. That’s really exciting. I’m going to the Christmas Program at the Cathedral. Supposed to be a real doozie this year..

One: Gosh, I remember when Christmas was exciting.

(Voices start to get more excited as they reminisce)

Two: Yeah.. I remember that western Flyer I got..

Three: You bet.. They were the best…

One: And my first BB Gun… shot my dad right in the…

Two: I got my first Madame Alexander Doll. She was so beautiful.

Three: I got a Lionel Train.. That thing seemed huge back then..

One: It sure would be nice if we could bring back those days…

Three: And why can’t we???

Two: Because they’re gone!?!?!?!
Three: Oh please.. All we have to do is find a way to make it happen.. Look at that tree.. It’s awful.. It’s got no life..

One: Could it be because it’s artificial???

Three: No, it’s because it needs some decorations that mean something.. Put on some music.

Two: What do you want???

Three: What do you think I want??? Give me some cheery Christmas music. Some decorating music.

Two: I’ve got just the thing

One; So what do we do??

Three: We turn back the clock.. We remember what made Christmas Christmas.. The smells.. The sounds… (start music) Now that’s the way to do it..

Two: What smells are you talking about?

Three: Think back… What smells do you remember?

Two: Popcorn.. Hot Popcorn.. and Cider.. Fresh Cider.. and Garlands.

Three: Now we’re cooking with gas.. What else?

One: Carolers… I wish we had Carolers.. That was so much fun hearing them and singing with them..

Three: Why can’t we have carolers?

One: No one wants to come to a rest home like this.. Just look around…

Three: Yeah, just look around. All these old people and no excitement. Well, we’re going to change that.. We’re going to have a party. With music and singing and cranberries and....

One: Pumpkin Pie and Egg Nog and..

Two: (singing) “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”.

(All laugh)

Three: I think we’re starting to get the feel.. But something’s still missing..

One: My teeth… where did I put them?

Three: No… Something more important…

One; You try and eat turkey with no choppers.. Although I have gummed an ear of corn to death..

Three: No… No… No..

Two: I’ve got it…

Three: What’ is it?

(Two opens the Bible and being reading the Christmas story)

One: Now THIS is Christmas


© Michael Humphrey, All rights reserved.
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being sent a bulletin of the performance, or an audio track if possible. He may be contacted at: