Good Thing She wasn't Pro-choice

By Tracey Burroughs


What Mary might have decided if she were a modern-day young woman.




Hi my name is Mary.  Something very strange has happened to me, I would like to  share it with you.  It really sounds unbelievable but I promise every word is true.
Do you believe in angels?  Well, um, one came to me.  His name was Gabriel or something like that? (shrugs).  He told me I was going to (hesitates) have a baby  (snickers).  A baby?  I am only 14 years old.  Besides aren't you supposed to have sex with a man in order to become pregnant?  He said He would be the Son of God.  Wow, I must have really ate something weird that night.  I was soon to be married to Joseph.  Oh, Joseph (dreamy look) he is so wonderful.  I love him and he loves me.  When we get married, yes, then I'm sure we will have children.  But not until then!
Soon after that I went to visit my cousin Elizabeth for a few months.  That's when things really started getting crazy.  Every month I kept missing my period.   I  started to gain weight too.  I could hardly eat anything because I couldn't keep any food down.  How could I  be getting so fat?  I went to go see the doctor  to see what was really wrong with me.
He told me...(looks down) I was ah..pregnant!  What? ...How?...  No!...He knew me, he knew I was engaged.  How could this happen but  by only one way, he thought.  Ashamed of me, he handed me a pamphlet.  I didn't read it right away, my mind was on other things... What would Joseph say?...  What would he do?  He will never believe this!  Mom?...The people...they will stone me. (teary eyes)
I looked down (looks down at hand) in my clutched hands and read that pamphlet.  It was describing a choice for young mothers-to-be...abortion...  It would cost some money, but I could manage to raise it.  I made an appointment to get this thing done.  You mightn't believe me, but I really had never heard of this before - I'd had a fairly sheltered life in our little village.
Will it hurt?  What about the baby inside? (feels stomach) (Convinces self)
The pamphlet said it was just a foetus, not really a baby... (Relieved) Oh good, I wouldn't want to kill anything.  Well...I did it!  No one knows I was ever pregnant.  Joseph will never know...  The world will never know...  I hope I did the right thing?
Copyright Tracey Burroughs, all rights reserved.
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