The Plan

By Alden Frye


Two angels discuss the coming birth of Jesus. This is the first part of a trilogy of short scripts. The others are Mary & Joseph, and The Announcement.


Two angels


(Two Angels in white robes approach each other) A -- Have you heard about the plan?

B -- I've heard some rumors, but nothing believable.

A -- The Son is going to visit the Earth to redeem mankind for His Father.

B -- He cares so much for mankind, and it's sad that they don't respond to that. Lucifer still has way to much power over them, if you ask me. I don't understand why The LORD doesn't simply eliminate him--that could solve the whole problem. Send Lucifer and his entire army to the Pit forever and ever!

A -- There's so much we don't understand, but The LORD is wise in all He does. Anyway, there's more. He's not going as The King! He's going as a man, a simple human being! Flesh and bones and blood and skin--the whole works!

B -- How is that possible? I know He has all power, but how can He become a man?

A -- AND... He will be born, as a baby, in a stable, to a young couple who have absolutely no experience as parents! Incredible!

B -- No! Your serious, aren't you? But that's... well... dangerous! A baby? In a barn? A baby is so vulnerable... and mortal! What if He gets sick? He could die! Once Lucifer gets wind of this... Are you sure about all this?

A -- Yes, absolutely! But it gets worse! (pause) He's going to die!

B -- (long pause) The Son of God will DIE?

A -- And you don't want to know how, trust me.

B -- And this is to redeem mankind? It's hard to understand The LORD's love for them, but His wisdom and will are perfect, so somehow this will all work out...

A -- (they exit together) What will it take for men to see how much God loves them?

B -- Hey, you don't think He's planning on bringing them to Heaven, do you?


Copyright Alden Frye, all rights reserved.
This script may be used free, provided no charge is made for entrance to the performance. In return the author would like to be told of any performance. He may be contacted at