An Old-fashioned Christmas

By Fran Barton


A mother wants to show her family the relevance of the old-style Christmas.


Aunt Pat
Michael(Mom's teen son)
TJ -(Smallest child of Mom)
Julie (3-4 th grader)
Beth (3-4 grader)
John (5-7 grader)
Ed (Michael's Friend)
Aunt Pat's kids - Nichole & Jennifer (both grade school age)
Joyce's kids - Bobby (3-4 grader) & Lindsay (5-7 grader)


(The Scene opens on a room with 2 tables. One set up with crafts in progress and one set up with the makings for baked goods.
There is a Mom and 4 children ranging in age from grade school to jr. high.
The 3 older kids are involved in crafts. The littlest is 'helping' Mom with cookies.)

BETH: When is everyone getting here? I've been waiting forever to see Jennifer.

MOM: Just be patient they'll all be arriving soon.

(A teen walks in the room with a phone to his ear.)

MICHAEL: Mom, Ed is on the phone and wants to know if I can go out and hang at the mall.

MOM: Well, Michael you know I've set-aside today for us to work on doing the decorations. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time and I think you should be here. I'm going to have to say no this time. If you want to invite Ed over he is more than welcome to join us.

MICHAEL: What makes you think Ed wants to do something like this? I don't even want to. (Into phone) What? (Listening) Well, my Mom has this idea for us to do an old fashioned Christmas, whatever that means. Anyway, she's making me stay home and make cookies and homemade decorations and stuff like that. Lame huh? (Listens) You're kidding. Well, since I can't go to the Mall, I'd really like it if you came over, but why do you want to? This isn't going to be any fun and we won't be able to go up to my room. (Pauses to listen) OK, if you want to, see you soon. (Hangs up) (To MOM) Ed's coming over, although why I don't know.

MOM: That's really great! This is turning into a real party.
(Sound of a knock on the door) That's probably your Aunt Pat and the kids, would you get it?

(Teen crosses to the door and greets a woman and two grade school kids.)

(Kids greet each other and Mom's kids help the others with coats)

AUNT PAT: Hi everyone, boy the snow is really coming down out there. Are we going to wait for Joyce or do we need to start now. You know she's sometimes late.

MOM: We can wait a little bit. I think the kids could use some direction on these ornaments anyway.

(Goes to the kids at the craft table and helps one of the kids with stringing some beads)

TJ: I'm helping Mommy make bell cookies, see. (As he picks up some flour from the board and rubs his hands together)

MOM: TJ, save some flour for the cookies.

AUNT PAT: Is Joyce bringing her Gingerbread House kit?

MOM: No, I found directions in a magazine to make it the way we used to before we had all these modern conveniences. I think it will be fun to try it that way.

AUNT PAT: Are you sure you're not going to far with this? I mean, let's not get too crazy here.

MOM: I want to create the atmosphere of an old fashioned Christmas. If we get commercial about this it won't be the same. John is out in the woods right now with Joyce's husband Tim cutting us a tree, with an AX! If they can do it the old fashioned way so can we.

TJ: When are we gonna make cookies Mom?

MOM: As soon as Mrs. Green gets here.

(Just then there is a knock on the door, Beth runs to answer)

BETH: Mrs. Green is here!!

JOYCE: Wow, is it snowing I hope John & Tim don't have any trouble in the woods cutting the trees.

(Teens friend enters at the same time)
(Brief commotion as coats are taken and kids say hi to each other)

MOM: Well, now we can get started. Michael would you and Ed help the kids with the crafts while the lady's and I work on the cookies.

(BETH walks up with an advent calendar)

BETH: Mom, can I open the next door?

AUNT PAT: What is that?

MOM: It's an advent calendar. (To Beth) Yes you can, but remember, it's TJ's turn tomorrow.

NICHOLE: We have a Christmas Calendar with a big Santa on it. Why does yours have an angel on it?

JOHN: Because we're waiting for Jesus of course.

NICHOLE: Who's Jesus?

BOBBY: 'Jesus is the reason for the Season' silly.

JENNIFER: Christmas is for presents. Santa's gonna bring me some roller blades.

LINDSAY: You mean you don't know about Jesus? Mom we have to tell her about Jesus.

JOYCE: Well, Lindsay, I think you're old enough to tell them about Jesus. Why don't you get the bible and read them the nativity story?

AUNT PAT: I thought we came here to make decorations and cookies, not have a bible class.

MOM: Pat, what do you think an old fashioned Christmas is about. It's not just doing it the old way but focusing on all the easily forgotten aspects of the holiday. Think about how many people today, not just kids, don't even know that Christmas is about Christ's birthday.

LINDSAY: Maybe I should use the children's bible stories book. That's a good one for the smaller kids and it's TJ's favorite.

MOM: Who knows where the book is?

JULIE: I do Mom.

Mom: Would you get it for Lindsay?
(Julie leaves and gets book while the Mom start on cookies)

MOM: TJ you can still help me with the cookies, I think you can hear from where you are.
(Aunt Pat moves cookie cutters around looking)

AUNT PAT: Where's the Santa cutter?

JOYCE: We decided not to use it this year, were making angels instead. Would you rather start on the Ginger bread for the house?

AUNT PAT: No, that's OK, I was just wondering.

(Julie returns and gives book to Lindsay)
JULIE: Here Lindsay.

LINDSAY: I'll just sit here at the table with you guys so you can keep working on the ornaments while I read.

(She reads the whole story while facing the audience so they can hear well)

JENNIFER: I never heard that story before. I thought 'Twas the night before Christmas' was the best story ever, but this is even better. Mom, is this what that show the 'Little drummer boy is about'?

AUNT PAT: Yes it is. We can read the story when we get home tonight, if you like.

MICHAEL: (to friend) Youth Group is doing that song for the Christmas program aren't we?

ED: Yea, and Hark the Herald Angels sing.

NICHOLE: Who's Harold?

MICHAEL: Not Harold, Herald - angels sing a song calling attention to Jesus at his birth. When you call out that something is happening, you herald it.

JENNIFER: Mommy, I want to hear that song. Can we go see the Christmas program?


(Both kids): yeah!!

BETH: Wow! You get to see me be in the Angel choir.

BOBBY: I'm gonna be a shepherd!

MOM: Well I'll be. John and I've been trying for years to get you to church with us. I'm so glad you're coming.

JOYCE: Pat, you really should come for Christmas Eve service too. The kids will love it. There are so many Christmas Carols and some wonderful special music too.

AUNT PAT: I think that would be nice. Maybe I'll see if Bill would like to come with us.

MOM: It's going to be so nice to have my two best friends with me at church this Christmas.

JOHN: Lets sing Christmas Carols while we work. I'll put on the tape.

TJ: Let's sing Silent Night

Show ends with all cast singing Silent Night.

Followed by 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas'


© Fran Barton – 1997. All rights reserved. This play may not be performed for monetary remuneration collected in any manner including free will offering. The purpose of this play is for ministry only and is designed for use as a children's performance. 
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